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A Detailed Guide on Facia

A Detailed Guide on Facia | Comprehend its Products, Benefits, and Use Cases

Author: Carter | 27 Dec 2023

Organisations are searching for ways to reduce spoofing attacks by incorporating biometric services such as facial recognition. But with technological advancement, imposters have also improved their ways of tricking firms. Hence, companies have started using state-of-the-art technology to mitigate fraud and restrict imposters from stealing sensitive data.

Fraud detection and prevention (FDP) service providers curb money laundering, identity theft, and insurance claims, and this market will cross $63 billion in 2023. Considering these figures, Facia stepped into the market. This digital facial recognition technology protects businesses from criminal attacks. To match the highest standards of reliability and performance, the company delivers accurate, secure, and user-friendly face recognition solutions. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Facia provides remarkable face recognition services to combat financial fraud.
  • It has the fastest liveness detection with a<1s response time at the global level. 
  • AI-powered systems are used in different industries, such as banking and financial organisations, immigration, matchmaking and online dating apps. 

Let’s explore Facia, why it’s essential, its products, and benefits. 

What is Facia?

Facia – is a pioneer in offering face recognition, liveness detection and AML services. The company’s priorities are to streamline identity verification, prevent fraud, and strengthen security checks. Using Facia, businesses can determine customers’ actual identities whilst restricting fraudsters. Moreover, our diverse range of services includes: 

  • Liveness Detection
  • Age Verification
  • Face Matching (1:1)
  • Photo ID Matching
  • Iris Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Face Search
  • On-Premise Solution
  • AML Services


Businesses can incorporate Facia’s biometric authentication services into their mobile apps using low-code SDKs compatible with both Android and iOS. User data privacy and security are our top priorities, and we follow exceptional industry-grade practices to help businesses ensure compliance with data safety regulations such as GDPR. 

Presentation Attacks – A Quick Overview

To exploit face recognition algorithms, imposters implement highly advanced tools that aim to match user features. Not only this, but these tools have also transformed as the biometric technology is becoming the new normal. Therefore, the facial verification industry commonly named these imposter tricks as spoofing or presentation attacks. In 2023, 74% of firms from the AMER region complained about cyber attacks. 

How Does Facia Deal with Presentation Attacks?

Facia provides a presentation attack detection (PAD) solution that’s a remarkable safety feature which quickly recognises and prevents imposters’ attempts to manipulate advanced biometric authentication systems. Using advanced technologies, the identity verification service provider makes it essential to maintain the reliability and integrity of user data. Following are some presentation attacks that Facia technology helps businesses detect in real time: 

  • 3D Mask 
  • Print Attack
  • Thermal Imaging 
  • Impersonation 
  • Face Swaps
  • Deepfake Attacks
  • Replay 
  • Virtual Reality Attack
  • Camera Manipulation
  • Hyper Realistic Masks
  • Eye Substitution Attack
  • Environmental Manipulation

In-Depth Overview of Facia’s Fraud-Preventive Products 

Fraud attempts are increasing, and criminals are looking for advanced ways to deceive firms. Therefore, organisations that want to secure themselves from scams and minimise the number of occurrences must choose Facial recognition to restrict imposters. In 2022, the biometric authentication solutions market gained a market capacity of $5 billion and is forecasted to reach $19.3 billion by 2032. 

Facia is one of the leading Fintech companies in developing cutting-edge technologies, specifically iBeta Level 2 compliant liveness detection and face recognition solutions. Moreover, our research and development department is committed to innovating and delivering best-in-class biometric verification solutions that redefine digital safety standards. Let’s dive deeper into the products one by one to understand more. 

1. Facia Face Recognition 

Biometric face recognition verifies the user’s identity using facial imprints from video or images.

How Does it Work? 

Facia uses AI and ML algorithms to identify distinctive and specific details about the user’s face. These attributes involve chin shape and distance between the eyes, transforming them into geometrical representations. The collected information about a specific face is usually known as a face template unique from an image as it’s designed to include a few details that differentiate one face from another. Then, the solution cross matches facial imprints with other faces stored in a database.

Instead of positively recognising an unknown individual, some facial recognition systems are designed to calculate a probability match accurately between the specific face templates and the unknown stored in a database. Rather than providing a single outcome, these systems provide multiple potential matches ranked to get authentic recognition.

Facia’s AI-Powered Face Recognition System

Our latest face recognition utilises AI-powered infrastructure to recognise persons accurately. With facia, your business can:

  • Enjoy seamless client onboarding to enhance user experience
  • Recognise customers in under one second
  • Overcome Risk of Biassed Verification Results
  • Ensure 99.9% authentic outcomes in recognising individuals

2. Facia Liveness Detection

Face recognition detects whether the user is authentic, whilst liveness detection inspects if a person is physically present. It can be executed through a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or camera-enabled device.

This system algorithm compares a match, but they don’t differentiate a non-live face from a live one. Facia liveness detection empowers the fastest global detection, providing complete security from all spoofing attacks.

The following are two types of facial liveness detection:

  • Active Facial Liveness

Facia’s active liveness is the most advanced option in modern biometric systems. The software waits whilst users complete tasks, such as turning their heads, smiling, and blinking. Usually, the technology randomises these operations to secure a synthesised user video that performs the requested actions. Moreover, it initiates when the user isn’t in a desired environment, so additional movements are needed to monitor facial characteristics. 

  • Passive Liveness Detection

Passive liveness operates in the background, inspecting facial features and detecting any sign of manipulation or spoofing without user interaction. The software automatically identifies a face under one second, eradicating the need for further verification.

Facia’s 3D Live Detection Capabilities

  • Detects facial movements in real-time to improve customer onboarding journey, ensuring actual user presence.
  • Android and iOS complete API integration and compatible liveness detection SDKs for seamless integration.
  • Facia verification leverages the fastest detection system with <1s response time. 

A key consideration for firms regarding authentication is the quality of user experience and how hard they try to strengthen overall usability. Therefore, facia’s primary reason for success is its ability to keep clients satisfied and safe.

3. Facia Face Matching 1:1

Facia face matching compares a probe image of the user’s face with a relevant image in a database that quickly confirms if the person is authentic. Primarily, it’s used for verification during access control or logins, ensuring the customer is genuine. This feature simplifies the user onboarding procedure by employing the person’s smartphone camera to capture a legally issued identity document.

This software encourages employees to take an instant selfie that compares the ID image to the selfie using advanced face-matching algorithms within seconds. Hence, with the acquired data, the firms can speed up online form checkout and minimise conventional errors. So, this procedure is done in under 10 seconds.

Blending selfie verification with document authentication provides greater assurance that the ID is authentic, leading to fewer scams and drop-offs.

What are Facia’s Face Matching Services?

  • Image-to-Image Matching 1:1 

1:1 advanced face-matching compares a single image with the records placed in the database in real time. Therefore, this technology is remarkable for businesses that need authentic user recognition depending on a single image involving authenticating an individual identity document. 

  • Image-to-Database Matching

In under one second, this cutting-edge software scans more than 1 million images with 1:N matching algorithms.

  • Image-to-Video Matching

To detect fraud, an image-to-video system is specially designed to compare images with real-time videos. Hence, this valuable technology tracks an individual’s movements instantly. 

  • Video-to-Video Matching

As the name suggests, video-to-video mechanism compares a user’s video with pre-recorded video in real-time, tracking individual movements from different perspectives.

4. Facia Photo ID Matching

To ensure a smooth client onboarding process, photo ID matching becomes a crucial part that provides a reliable and secure means of authenticating their identity. By 2025, the number of mobile devices operating globally is forecasted to reach 18.22 billion, increasing from 15 billion in 2021. To highlight the essential role of photo ID matching, Facia is providing state-of-the-art facial recognition solutions that ensure secure and smooth digital transactions. Their software instils confidence and trust in online interactions, ensuring that the individual providing their ID is the authentic identification holder. 

Facia’s photo ID matching is built on state-of-the-art convolutional neural networks, ensuring swift client onboarding. Moreover, by integrating our services, your business can get:

  • Unparalleled accuracy
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • Fool-proof identity verification
  • Age verification in real-time

How Does Facia’s Photo ID Matching Work?

Photo identification verification is a procedure that confirms the user’s identity by cross-matching their images with their official identification documents, including a passport, ID card, driver’s licence, and other legal papers. 

What is the Process of Facia Photo ID Matching? 

The robust process involves comparing a user’s physical appearance of their official ID with a selfie or live image to ensure authentication. Facia investigates 3D facial imprints using face mapping techniques to analyse whether two pictures are similar, depending on their confidence score.

Why Firms Must Choose Facia Photo ID Matching Solution?

  • Customisable Solution
  • 24/7 Remote Authentication
  • Frictionless and Swift Client Onboarding
  • Legal Compliance for KYC Service Providers

5. Facia Age Verification

Age verification is a process that verifies or determines a user’s age by monitoring different biological features or attributes. Facia empowers businesses to stay compliant and secure minors. Alleviating reputational and legal risks whilst onboarding new clients is the essence of this advanced software. 

How Does Facia Support Your Business? 

Their software primarily uses face recognition technology to know an individual’s age. If the user is minor, then it rejects their verification process instantly.

6. Facia Iris Recognition

Retinal biometric scans can’t be copied as fingerprints because each retina is 100% unique, so they don’t change with time. In cybersecurity, iris recognition is rising as its market revenue was just $4 billion in 2022 but is now forecasted to bypass $8 billion by 2027.

Why Firms Must Choose Facia for Iris Detection?

  1. Compatible with IOT Devices
  2. Complete Customisation
  3. Cloud-Based and SAAS Solutions
  4. All-in-One Software and Hardware System

Facia’s Iris Recognition Features 

  1. Reliable authentication
  2. Anti-spoof mechanism
  3. Complete hardware automation

7. Facia AML Services

To combat evolving fraud techniques, traditional AML compliance measures provide their services as imposters continuously adapt new methods to bypass safety checks. This makes it complicated for financial institutions to employ advanced technologies. Firms can efficiently address the risks linked with identity theft by integrating this cutting-edge technology into AML compliance procedures. As per the Javelin Strategy Report, in 2020 alone, identity theft costs $56 billion. Let’s understand robust Facia AML services:

  • Face Search
  • Face Match
  • Liveness detection
  • Cross-Platform Integration

Hence, organisations can substantially reduce fraud risk activities, secure their client identity, and save billions of dollars using AML services

Facia’s Comprehensive Use Cases 

  • Account Deduplication

In the account deduplication process, the software instantly recognises and removes similar accounts from the system or database. This process is essential in maintaining the accuracy and integrity of account-related information within software, including client databases or CRMs. 

For matchmaking and dating websites, duplicate sign-ups cause major issues that lead to fraudulent activities and disturb the overall user experience. After seeing all these issues, Facia steps in and offers fraud prevention solutions that swiftly identify and restrict duplicate accounts, assuring a trustworthy or secure platform and securing operational integrity. 

How Does Facia Provide its Services in Account Deduplication?

Facia’s 3D liveness detection uniquely recognises users and ensures that every account is authentic, preventing duplicate accounts during data processing and ensuring seamless onboarding. Moreover, it also reduces identity duplication, where a single user has multiple records in the database. This usually happens for different reasons, including errors during registration or data entry that lead to confusion and inaccuracies. 

What are Facia Advanced Deduplication Services?

  • Face Matching with Database

Facia’s face-matching solution allows businesses to ensure that legitimate customers are accessing their services and products, ensuring a safe platform for business clients whilst preventing duplicate signups.

  • Liveness Detection

Real-time verification ensures the credibility of every user’s identity, eradicating any attempts to trick the verification procedure.

  • Face Recognition Technology 

The company provides state-of-the-art technology that is supported by AI-powered face recognition technology.

  • Government Surveillance

Facia face recognition is used to recognise and verify users by verifying their facial imprints from videos or images. This software is employed in different safety and surveillance apps to track and monitor individuals in diverse environments such as shopping malls, airports, and public events. Moreover, they enable the live monitoring of spaces and improve safety by promptly recognising unauthorised or suspicious individuals to restrict potential threats.

Hence, the government can efficiently protect and monitor its citizens, essential infrastructure, and assets by utilising Facia’s solutions.

How Government can Secure Borders?

Facia’s seamless process allows governments to quickly recognise potential terrorists and criminals who threaten national safety. 

  • Recognise any individual with liveness detection
  • Empower the users with a global database on a single platform
  • Existing name and DOB similarities can easily be differentiated
  • Access Control System

Pin codes and key cards, which are traditional access control systems, are no longer needed to secure user premises from imposters. Facia provides advanced biometrics to confirm individuals through their unique facial characteristics and ensure safety for the firm’s assets and data.

How Does Facia Support You?

Facia face recognition technology provides several benefits that make it an ideal solution for all types of businesses, such as: 

  • Facia liveness detection
  • Remote Access
  • Scalability
  • Flexible access control
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 1:N and 1:1 identification
  • Criminal Identification System

In the modern world, law enforcement firms are facing different challenges in recognising and tracing criminals, which are as follows:

  • Difficulty in tracking suspects with little physical evidence.
  • The usage of advanced gadgets by imposters to trick security.
  • Challenges in rapidly recognising users in crowded areas.

In 2023, El Salvador had a criminal rate of 52.02 per 100,000 residents, labelling it as the most unsafe city. By understanding these facts, Facia steps in. Their software is up to the mark by excelling in accuracy and speed. Facia face recognition technology scans 3 million faces in just 4 seconds. Their technology has a False acceptance rate of 0% > 1% False Rejection Rate (FRR).

What is ABIS? 

Facia’s Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) utilises biometric data, including facial features, fingerprints, and iris patterns to recognise customers’ true identities. This is mostly used by law enforcement firms and border control agencies to recognise suspects. This software revolutionises criminal recognition with real-time tracking. 

  • Facia Attendance System

Robust face recognition algorithms can accurately recognise individuals and keep attendance records in real time. Facia supports your business by providing its liveness detection facility for authentic attendance management

Process of Attendance Management:

  • Capture Image

This cutting-edge technology quickly captures user images.

  • Compare with Database

Then, the software cross-matches the picture to the image in the database.

  • Recognise Facial Imprints

After comparing, the system uses modern algorithms to inspect the facial imprints of the captured pictures.

  • Record-Keeping

Facia processes the attendance record in real time so higher authorities can immediately view their reports. 

  • Liveness Detection

Only authorised personnel can access it, as all data is stored securely and encrypted.

  • Immigration Automation

Facia’s automated immigration software is an online solution for handling and processing checks and border control processes. Moreover, it automates different aspects of immigration procedure, permitting efficient traveller verification and their suitability to enter a particular country.

Benefits of using Facia’s Immigration Automation Solution

  • Enhanced Security
  • Instant Access
  • Enhanced Border Control
  • Improved Travelling Experience

How Facia Fits into the Puzzle?

Facia heightens the bar for safety measures among different industries, specifically its ability to deliver accurate and fast identity checks. That’s why its role in the biometric industry can’t be understated. Moreover, it can easily compare user ID images with the pictures in the database. This minimises the likelihood of deep fakes and spoofing attacks. 

Facia is transforming every industry, such as healthcare, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, gaming, etc, through its in-house biometric technology, restricting imposters and helping firms to balance the art of verification, onboarding, and compliance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Businesses Get Benefit from Facia?

Facia reduces spoofing attacks and ensures a smooth user onboarding process. Moreover, robust face-matching technology reshapes the landscape of safe authentication by providing an innovative approach to verifying persons.

In how many Countries does Facia Offer its Services?

Facia provides services in over 180 countries, supporting 80 languages.

What Sets our Facia’s Face Verification Solution apart from others in the market?

Facia’s software provides scalability, advanced security features, seamless user experience, and adaptability to environmental factors that make it unique.

How does Facia Contribute to a Seamless User Experience?

Facia provides a seamless user experience by infusing efficient technology, user-friendly structures, and adaptability to different conditions with a commitment to privacy and security.

Is Facia’s Face Verification a Secure Method for Identity Verification?

Yes, Facia liveness detection, age verification, iris recognition, and photo ID matching are the most secure methods of identity verification, and that’s why it’s highly recommended.

How Can You Request a Demo of Facia’s Product/Service?

You must request a free demo of our products and services to thoroughly understand the features and capabilities Facia provides. Go to the website, click a free trial, add all requirements, and submit them. You are ready to take your free trial.