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We are committed to offering businesses comprehensive assurance regarding the authentic identity of their users, regardless of their scale or organizational framework.

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Industries We Empower

Facial Recognition with liveness detection for retail industry


Automated and swift onboarding to boost customer conversion rates



Industry-grade face verification system built for government agencies

header that represents Facial Biometric Solution for Healthcare industry to verify patient identities.


Enhance data security with Facia’s 3d liveness checks

An image showcasing Facia's facial recognition technology being used in an education setting.


Modernize student onboarding while establishing trust

Ensure AML compliance and prevent fraud with our facial recognition technology that includes liveness checks for P2P transactions.

P2P Industry

World-class liveness checks to build fool-proof P2P communities

Image represents online dating identity verification with facial recognition service for both male and female, ensuring safe and secure match-making with fraud prevention and data security measures.

Match Making Apps

Build trustworthy relationships and ensure secure digital interactions

Image represents an event management system using facial recognition to enhance security, expedite check-in process, and personalize attendee experience.

Event Management

Attract your event attendees and make onboarding seamless with Facia

Facial Verification Solution for Gambling and Fantasy Industries: A Banner Image of a Facia, app uses facial recognition technology to ensure secure access and prevent fraud in gambling and fantasy industries


Meet gambling compliance and conquer global market with Facia

An image representing KYC verification using facial recognition technology to ensure secure and reliable identity authentication for compliance and safety.

KYC Onboarding

Verify customers comply with regulatory compliance

A facial recognition system for banking and finance that helps prevent fraud and enhance security through biometric verification

Banking and Financial

Accelerate trust and streamline new account opening

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