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Instant Face Recognition

Facia's instant face recognition services offer the perfect solution for your business' digital security. We offer a range of services which can be tailored according the needs of your business.

  • Liveness Detection
  • Face Search (1:N)
  • Face Matching (1:1)
  • Age Verification

Facia’s AI-Driven Facial Recognition System

Our advanced facial recognition uses AI based infrastructure to accurately identify individuals

  • Quickest facial recognition within one second
  • Seamless user onboarding to improve customer experience
  • 99.9% Accurate results in verifying individuals

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User performing biometric facial recognition using Facia's biometric technology for secure and seamless identity verification

Leading Innovation in Face Recognition

Fastest Liveness Detection Platform

Fastest Liveness Detection Platform

Facia empowers the fastest liveness detection platform in the world with a <1s response time. We are iBeta Level 1 certified in Presentation Attack Detection and provide complete protection from all kinds of spoof attacks.

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1:1 Photo ID Matching Service

Facia’s 1:1 Photo ID matching empowers several industries including KYC, healthcare, AML, finance & banking. Our system supports documents from 180+ countries, and provides language support for more than 80 languages.

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Photo ID Matching
1_N Face Search

1:N Face Search

Facia’s system has the ability to scan 3 million databases within 4 seconds. With a 99% accuracy (0% FAR @ <1% FRR), our system has the ability to empower any industry that requires mass face search as part of its operations.

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Age Verification

Facia’s age verification system allows your business to stay compliant with the latest regulations. Age verification can play an integral role for businesses that sell age-restricted goods or services.

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Advanced Face Search & Matching Services

Facia’s cutting edge technology has several applications, which makes it an ideal solution to improve your organisation’s digital security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biometric Face Recognition?

Biometric Face Recognition uses facial recognition and liveness detection algorithms to identify and verify individuals accurately.

What is the difference between biometric and face recognition?

Biometric recognition identifies people by distinguishing physical or behavioral traits. As a subset of biometric recognition, face recognition looks solely at a person's face to determine who they are.

What are the two main types of facial recognition?

Two primary methods of recognizing people by their faces are 2D Facial Recognition: AI algorithms examine a 2D image or video feed of a person's face and compare it to a library of recorded photographs to determine a match. It is often employed in surveillance systems like CCTV cameras because it provides high accuracy under the right conditions. 3D Facial Recognition: This form of facial recognition uses depth-sensing technology to reconstruct an individual's face in three dimensions before doing feature analysis. Facial recognition in 3D can be more reliable than in 2D since it is less sensitive to environmental factors like illumination and angle.

How can facial recognition systems be integrated with existing systems?

Facia's facial recognition system can be integrated with existing systems through the use of APIs or SDKs that we provide. Our APIs allow developers to write code that communicates with our facial recognition system and enable it to be integrated with other software or hardware systems. We also offer custom integrations.

Is face biometric recognition secure?

Yes, it is secure to use facial recognition. Biometric information is stored as distinct mathematical patterns that can be de-identified and stored securely. A picture of a natural person cannot deceive or spoof the system thanks to liveness detection technology.

Is it more efficient to use biometric face recognition in onboarding?

Yes, using a face recognition system can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of the onboarding process. Facia's Biometric Face Recognition improves onboarding by providing secure identity verification. It replaces manual processes with a biometric authentication system, eliminating the need for physical ID verification.

Trusted and Certified for Compliance
Fastest Liveness Detection Technology

Facia's certification badge showcasing iBeta compliance, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability in facial recognition technology. Facia's compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations for data protection and privacy. NIST Facia's ISO 9001 certification for quality management, ensuring high standards in operations and customer satisfaction. Facia's ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, demonstrating the company's commitment to sustainability. Facia's compliance with CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) regulations, protecting consumer data and privacy rights ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) logo, representing Facia's compliance with aviation security standards and biometric technology.

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