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Age Verification Made
Simple – Verify Your Users’ Age with Confidence

Facia Age Verification is a simple way for businesses to stay in good standing with authorities, avoid legal action, and protect their reputation. The increasing use of the internet and technology among young individuals makes Age verification an integral part of businesses with age restricted products or services.

Benefits of Age Verification

dentify minors and restrict access from unauthorized content

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Interactive User Interface

Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and engaging age verification process


Instantaneous verification

Facia provides real-time verification results, ensuring quick and efficient age verification in 1 sec


KYC Compliant

Our age verification system is compliant with KYC regulations, maintaining
a secure and trustworthy environment


Restrict Unauthorized Minor Access

Prevent underage users from accessing your services, preserving their safety and your business’s integrity


Fully Automated Monitoring

Facia’s automated monitoring system continuously ensures age compliance


Get instant verification


Verified on the first try


Languages supported

Facia.Ai’s Age Verification Works

Gain a compliance edge with Facia’s age verification service integration. Our system requires just two simple steps.

Face Recognition

The end user shows their face to the camera for age verification.

Age Analysis

FRT analyzes, evaluates and determines the user's age with precision

Age Verification

In under one second, the system either allows or denies access depending upon the user’s age

Why Trust Facia With Age Verification?

We at Facia value your business and customers’ security


Worldwide Coverage

Facia helps companies all over the world to authenticate their clients’ identities quickly and easily.


Simple Navigation

Our procedure is optimized for users with our guided user flow, which boosts user retention and acceptance rate.


Biometric Authentication

Facia employs a cutting-edge liveness detection technology to authenticate users.

Sectors That Need Age Verification

Facia ensures age and identity verification for selling prohibited goods like cannabis, promoting compliance and responsible transactions

Health Industry

Verify age and identity before selling age restricted goods.

Facia verifies the real age of customers, preventing pension fraud and ensuring secure transactions.

Pension Process

Verify the real age of the customer to prevent pension fraud.

Facia uses customer's date of birth for safe alcohol sales, verifying age to comply with regulations and promote responsible consumption.

Alcohol Industry

Using a customer’s date of birth to ensure safe alcohol sales.

Facia provides a strong age verification method for online tobacco sales, ensuring compliance and preventing underage access to tobacco, vaping, and e-cigarettes.

Tobacco Industry

Strong age verification method to protect online tobacco sales.

Facia enhances online dating safety by reducing the risk of romance fraud, making the internet a safer place for users to connect and build meaningful relationships.

Online Dating Websites

Help make the internet a safer place by cutting down on identity fraud.

Facia ensures a seamless customer experience by meeting verification requirements in the world of bets, lots, and lotteries, providing a secure and trustworthy platform for users.

Betting Industry

Prevent minors from risking their money by preventing access.

Seamlessly ensure age compliance with trusted age verification solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What industries require age verification?

Age verification is required in industries where legal age restrictions apply, such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and adult content.

What are the consequences of not verifying a user's age?

Failing to verify a user's age can result in significant legal and financial penalties and damage your business's reputation.

How does age verification work?

Age verification can be done through various methods, such as government-issued IDs, credit card information, or facial recognition technology. These methods help verify that the user is of legal age to access a specific product or service.

Is facial recognition technology safe for age verification?

Yes, facial recognition technology is safe when used responsibly and with appropriate security measures. A reputable age verification service like Facia will prioritize user privacy and employ advanced security protocols to protect user data.

Can age verification be done online?

Yes, age verification can be done online through a secure and reliable age verification service. It allows businesses to verify their customers' age quickly and easily while maintaining regulatory compliance and protecting them from legal and financial risks.

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