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Face Liveness Detection is the ultimate solution to stay safe against deepfake and spoofing attacks. Ensure customer safety and authenticate only genuine users with Facia.

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Active & Passive Liveness Detection

Facia provides a comprehensive solution for face recognition that incorporates both Active & Passive Liveness Detection.

  • Active liveness involves a user performing specific actions such as blinking or nodding to ensure liveness
  • Passive liveness detection operates in the background, analysing facial characteristics and detecting any signs of spoofing or manipulation without the need for user interaction.

How Liveness Detection Works

Passive Liveness

Passive liveness instantly recognises a face within one second, eliminating the need for additional verification

facia passive liveness face scanning
facia passive liveness face verified

Active Liveness

Active liveness initiates when the individual is not in an ideal environment, and hence additional movements are required to analyse facial features

facia active liveness face scanning
facia active liveness movement analysis
facia active liveness face in ovel
facia active liveness verified

Facia’s Liveness Detection Capabilities


Detecting Facial

Our system leverages facial movements to enhance authentication and ensure genuine presence of users.


Robust RESTful APIs &
Compatible SDKs

iOS & Android compatible liveness detection SDKs and complete API integration.


<1s Response

Facia empowers the fastest liveness detection system in the world, with a <1s response time.

Liveness Detection Use Cases

Airport & Immigration Security

Airport & Immigration Security

Travellers will be able to verify their identity and passport remotely. After liveness verification, the passenger's biometric’s data is securely stored in the airport’s database, which will facilitate smooth passage through checkpoints.

Access Control and Secure Spaces

Access Control and Secure Spaces

Unlike conventional keycards and passwords, facial recognition with liveness detection offers unparalleled accuracy. It guarantees that only authorised individuals gain entry to corporate restricted areas, protecting valuable information and assets.

Banking & Financial Transactions

Banking & Financial Transactions

Liveness detection prevents unauthorised access to financial accounts. During remote transactions, users will perform liveness checks, ensuring they are rightful owners of accounts, making the overall process frictionless.

Crypto Wallets & DeFi

Crypto Wallets & DeFi

Our anti-fraud solutions offer liveness detection API and SDK for defi transactions. Liveness detection blocks hackers from using still images or videos as it requires real-time face verification involving facial movements that ensure only the real owner can perform a transaction. The ever growing DeFi industry has massive potential, and hence requires robust security methods as well.

Matchmaking and Online Dating

Matchmaking and Online Dating

Liveness detection validates user profiles, minimises duplicate accounts, and eliminates the use of fake images or videos on dating platforms. It authenticates dating profiles and safeguards users against bot interactions, also protecting minors from accessing the platforms.

Spoof Attack Protection with Facia

Elevate your business’ security with Facia’s AI-powered 3D liveness detection technology that provides protection against several spoofing methods.

Image depicting paper masks, highlighting the need for advanced facial recognition technology like Facia's to detect and prevent fraudulent attempts

Paper Masks


2D/3D Silicone Masks

Wax figures representing the challenges of differentiating real individuals from replicas in facial recognition technology.

Wax Figures & Lifelike Dolls

Image depicting the threat of high-resolution videos used in attacks, emphasizing the importance of robust facial recognition technology like Facia's to detect and mitigate fraudulent activities.

High-Resolution Videos

Image highlighting the issue of deep fakes, underscoring the need for advanced facial recognition technology like Facia's to detect and prevent the spread of manipulated and deceptive content.

Deep Fakes

Image representing the concept of doppelgangers, emphasizing the importance of robust facial recognition technology like Facia's in distinguishing between individuals and preventing impersonation


Deepfake Prevention


Deepfake Detection Game

Test your knowledge and see how many real images can you detect with our deepfake detection game.

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Facia Morpheous AI

Deepfake prevention with Facia Morpheous 2.0. Read more about the world’s most advanced fraud prevention module.

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Deepfake Detection TOOL

Facia’s deepfake detection tool can detect whether any image/video is real or a deepfake with 100% accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Liveness Detection?

Liveness detection is the process of ensuring that the system is accessed by a live/real individual only. It prevents spoofing attempts i.e. someone trying to access the system with a face mask, photo or a deep fake video.

What are the weaknesses of liveness detection?

Basic Liveness detection systems without active & passive capabilities often fail to detect real individuals in complex environments such as low lighting, reflections, and poor camera settings. Only advanced liveness detection systems ensure 100% accuracy and spoof prevention ensuring that only live individuals are able to access the system.

What is 3D liveness?

3D liveness is an advanced form of biometric authentication, a technology that verifies your identity using unique physical characteristics. Unlike traditional methods that use 2D images (like a flat photograph), 3D liveness creates a three-dimensional map of your face which ensures you're not an imposter.

What is a liveness check in KYC?

In Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, a liveness check is used to verify that the individual presenting their identity is physically present and real. It's a crucial step in remote or digital KYC to prevent identity fraud, ensuring that the identity documents are not being presented by an imposter.

What is anti-Spoofing Presentation Attack Detection?

Anti-Spoofing Presentation Attack Detection in liveness checks is a security feature that identifies and prevents attempts to trick biometric systems using false representations, such as photos, videos, masks, or other artificial artifacts. It's essential for maintaining the integrity and reliability of biometric authentication systems.

What is liveness detection in biometrics?

Primary function of liveness detection in biometrics is to distinguish between a live person and a synthetic or non-live representation. This is crucial for securing biometric systems against unauthorized access or fraudulent activities, ensuring that the biometric data being captured is from a live, present individual.

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