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Lead the Fight
Against Identity Theft & Cybercrime

Help the world become a safer, securer place by raising awareness about identity fraud.

5.7 million

cases of fraud and identity theft were reported in 2023


increase in deepfake videos online since 2019

Every Face Has An Identity, Every Identity Needs Protection!

Who We Are?

Facia is the world's fastest liveness detection platform that empowers swift customer onboarding for businesses globally. Facia's solutions are implemented in organisations around the world within the fintech, banking, crypto, online gambling and matchmaking industries. Our goal is to become the leading provider of face recognition services and verify 8 billion faces globally!

About the Programme

We invite passionate students from all around the world to become a part of our campus ambassador programme. It will allow students to expand their network by connecting with industry leaders from a diverse range of industries, and help the world fight against cybercrime.


Why Join Us?

Professional Development

Enhance skills in leadership, communication, and networking.

Global Networking

Connect with a diverse group of students and professionals worldwide.


Receive guidance and support from experienced leaders in the industry.

Enhance Your Resume

Gain valuable experience and achievements to bolster your professional profile.


Receive recognition for your contributions and successful Programme completion.

Real-World Experience

Work closely with Facia’s team to gain practical insights.

Expand Your Horizons

Access to international opportunities and community building.

Enjoy the Journey

Participate in enriching experiences and make lasting connections.

Roles & Responsibilities

As Facia’s Campus Ambassador, you will:

Engage and Inspire

Create and execute campaigns to promote Facia’s vision on your campus.

Content Creation

Share your journey and insights through engaging blogs and social media stories.

Collaborate on Ideas

Provide feedback and fresh ideas to shape our global initiatives.


Connect and Network

Build relationships & represent Facia at various campus events.

Event Management

Organize and promote Facia events, workshops, and seminars.

Report and Reflect

Keep track of your activities and progress through regular reports.

Ideal Candidates

We are seeking passionate, hardworking students with a vision to inspire change. Our ambassadors are the face of Facia, embodying our values of innovation, collaboration, and excellence in their academic communities.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Facia Campus Ambassador Programme?

    The Facia Campus Ambassador Programme is an initiative designed for enthusiastic students who are interested in tech, biometric authentication and face recognition technology. Ambassadors represent Facia on their campus, promote our advanced identity verification solutions, and engage their peers in discussions about the importance of secure, fraud-preventing technology.

    Who can apply to become a Facia Campus Ambassador?

    Any student currently enrolled in a college or university who has a keen interest in technology, particularly in the fields of biometric authentication and face recognition, can apply. We look for individuals who are proactive, have strong communication skills, and are excited about Facia's mission to enhance security and streamline identity verification.

    What responsibilities do Facia Campus Ambassadors have?

    Ambassadors are expected to organize and lead events on their campus that introduce students to Facia's technology, participate in social media campaigns, provide feedback on our products, and act as a bridge between Facia and their academic community.

    What benefits do Campus Ambassadors receive?

    Facia Campus Ambassadors gain valuable experience in marketing and technology advocacy, access to exclusive workshops and webinars, networking opportunities with industry professionals, and Facia merchandise. Exceptional ambassadors may also receive internships or job opportunities at Facia.

    How does one apply to become a Facia Campus Ambassador?

    Interested students can apply through our website by filling out an application form. The form requires basic personal information, a statement of interest, and a brief explanation of how they plan to promote Facia on their campus.

    Is there any training provided to the selected Campus Ambassadors?

    Yes, all selected Campus Ambassadors will undergo a training Programme where they will learn about Facia's technology, our brand values, and effective communication and marketing strategies.

    How long is the tenure of a Facia Campus Ambassador?

    The typical tenure for a Campus Ambassador is one academic year. However, it may vary depending on the individual's performance and commitment.

    Will the Campus Ambassadors be compensated?

    While the position is voluntary and unpaid, ambassadors receive numerous non-monetary benefits such as professional development opportunities, networking, and valuable experience in the field of biometric technology.

    Can international students apply for the Facia Campus Ambassador Programme?

    Yes, international students are welcome to apply, as long as they are enrolled in a recognised university and can effectively communicate and promote Facia's vision in their academic community.

    How will the performance of a Campus Ambassador be evaluated?

    Performance is evaluated based on the number and quality of events organized, engagement on social media, feedback provided to the Facia team, and overall contribution to promoting Facia’s presence on campus.

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