Facial Recognition Ticketing

Facial Recognition for Ticket Verification

Facia's leading-edge facial recognition transforms access management. Experience enhanced security, seamless attendee flow, and reduced operational overheads. No more lost tickets or long waits for customers.

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AI-Powered Facial Authentication System

Experience our cutting-edge, AI-powered proprietary technology built to streamline processes with security and privacy in mind for your events

  • Lightning-fast Recognition
  • Touchless User Experience
  • Robust Attendance Management
  • Activity Monitoring

Instant Deployment

with API and SDK Integration

<1 Sec

Response Time


Detection Accuracy

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The Future of Ticketing and Access Control!

Facial recognition surpasses legacy ticketing and access methods. Experience a frictionless and secure system for managing visitor flow, preventing fraud, and optimizing efficiency across your operations.

Our technology enables swift user enrollment, touchless access, and real-time analytics, providing actionable data for crowd management, security enhancements, and operational optimization.

Why Choose Facia?

At Facia, we're leading the way in facial recognition and we're passionate about making ticket systems better, smoother, more secure and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

  • Elimination of physical tickets and manual checks
  • Streamlined entry and reduced congestion
  • Technical superiority in accuracy, speed, & anti-spoofing
  • Focus on security, privacy, and compliance
  • Scalability for diverse use cases and large-scale deployments
  • Commitment to continuous innovation
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How Facia Streamlines
The Process?

Pre-Event: Facia integrates with ticketing platforms, capturing facial data securely during ticket purchase.

At the Event: Attendees walk up to access points. Cameras capture their faces, and Facia's algorithms verify them in milliseconds. Faster entry frees up staff, while real-time data provides insights (with consent).

Deployment and Integration

Facia's adaptable solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Choose from on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment options, all supported by robust APIs for effortless integration into your ticketing, access control, and data management systems.

Leverage our APIs to streamline user data management, automate access workflows, and generate comprehensive access reports. Additionally, our platform offers pre-built connectors for popular ticketing and access control systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment process.

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Security and Privacy by Design

Our platform adheres to industry-leading security standards, employs encryption at rest and in transit, and provides opt-in-only access for users. Users retain complete control over their data and have the right to opt out at any time and for any reason. We ensure that our customers and their users retain ownership of their data.

Benefits of Facial Recognition
Ticketing System


Enhanced Security

Our system prevents unauthorized access with fake tickets or copies, significantly reducing losses due to scalping and counterfeit tickets.


Streamlines Check-in

High-speed, contactless verification drastically accelerates entry compared to manual methods. This eliminates bottlenecks and long queues, ensuring smooth crowd flow.


Operational Efficiency

Eliminate the costs of physical tickets and manual checks. Automated entry frees up staff for customer service and other critical tasks.


Data-Driven Insights

Gain real-time attendance data and analyze crowd movement patterns. Use these valuable insights to optimize crowd management, marketing strategies, and future event planning.

Transform your Event management
experience with Facia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a facial ticketing system?

A facial ticketing system leverages facial recognition technology to replace traditional paper or digital tickets. Attendees provide a facial scan during ticket purchase, and cameras verify their identities on-site for seamless access. This enhances security, streamlines entry, and combats fraud.

Why do stadiums need facial recognition systems?

Yes, facial recognition is increasingly used in stadiums for various purposes:

  • Seamless Entry: Attendees walk up to entry points and are quickly verified by cameras, eliminating the need for physical tickets and reducing wait times.
  • Fraud Prevention: Facial ticketing makes it nearly impossible to use fake or duplicated tickets, minimizing revenue loss from scalping and counterfeiting.
  • Security Enhancement: Facial recognition systems can be integrated with security databases to identify individuals on watchlists, enhancing overall safety.
  • Fan Experience: Streamlined access and reduced congestion contribute to a more enjoyable experience for fans.

Which software is used in face recognition?

Facia employs its proprietary facial recognition software. Our core technology is built upon advanced algorithms specifically designed for speed, accuracy, and anti-spoofing measures within the dynamic environment of live events. Our system excels at both 1:1 verification and 1:N identification.

How can facial recognition transform events?

Facial recognition transforms events with a secure facial ID that replaces tickets, speeds up entry, and provides valuable data insights. This translates to a frictionless experience for attendees and enhanced security and operational efficiency for organizers.

How is Facia's solution privacy-friendly?

Facia prioritizes user privacy. We adhere to a privacy-by-design approach, giving users control over their data and offering clear opt-in choices. Additionally, we minimize data collection (no PII) and utilize anonymized representations to protect user information.