Terms Of Service

Terms Of Services 

The terms and conditions set forth here govern how a user or a customer uses Facia, including our website and services. When you decide to use Facia, whether it’s browsing our website or engaging with any of our services like KYC, identity verification, etc. you agree to these terms & conditions

Our T&Cs are pretty straightforward. They explain what you can do with our services and what we expect from you as a client. We’ve put these conditions in place not just to cover our backs but also to protect your data and the data of your customers.

In our terms of service, we spell out what you and Facia need to do. We’ve got some mutual responsibilities that we need to handle together, and several technical terms that we use regularly. We talk about our Hosted Verification services too, where we set up a special page just for your business. This page has its own URL and is where your users can complete their KYC, identity verification, etc.

We also cover how we handle and protect the data we collect during the verification process. There are some details about payment, like how much you’ll owe us for our services, and some rules around confidentiality. Basically, we both need to keep any information we collect under wraps, only sharing what’s necessary and keeping everything else secure.

Lastly, we talk about how and when our agreement with you can end. We explain what happens if things don’t work out and either of us decides to call it quits. This part is important because it covers how ending our agreement will affect you and your business with us.