Immigration Automation

Immigration Automation

Facial Recognition is the Key to Seamless Automated Immigration

Automate your immigration process with Facia’s facial recognition technology and provide a seamless immigration experience to your travelers.

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Step into the future of Airport Immigration

  • Using face recognition for immigration
  • Reducing queues and enhancing traveller experience

Benefits Of Immigration Automation

Our system streamlines immigration automation, improving the overall travel experience for travelers, and enhancing security and at all airport checkpoints

No Queuing

Instant Access

Process travelers’ identities faster than manual checks reducing waiting time.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Facial image of a traveler is compared against watchlists and official databases.


Improved Traveling Experience

Travelers are offered with a smoother journey through immigration checkpoints.

Enhance Border Control

Enhanced Border Control

Helps immigration authorities monitor border crossings effectively and efficiently.

How Does our Automation
System Work

Facia provides a complete solution that completely automates the immigration process at airports, including hardware and software facilities Our enhanced facial recognition ensures a 99.9% accuracy


The facial recognition-enabled kiosks capture the facial images of travelers from different angles.


The captured facial images are then processed using advanced computer vision algorithms.


The processed facial images are compared against a database of passport or visa holders.


The system decides the traveler's admissibility based on the verification and authentication results.


If a match is found, the traveler's identity is verified by confirming the match with a stored identity record.

Why Choose Facia’s Facial
Recognition System

Worldwise Coverage

Worldwide Coverage

Facia helps airports worldwide to authenticate their traveler’s identities and reduce prolonged waiting times.

Complete Solution

Complete Solution

Facia provides a complete solution to its customers, with end-to-end hardware and software capabilities

Icon ICAO Certified

ICAO Compliant

We are compliant to the International Civil Aviation Organization’s standards for liveness and facial recognition

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the eGate system?

An eGate system is an automated border control solution that uses advanced technologies to verify the identity of travelers. The system reads information from biometric passports or smart ID cards and uses various biometric technologies such as fingerprint scanning and facial or iris recognition to authenticate a traveler’s identity efficiently and securely.

What is immigration automated system?

An immigration automated system is a digitalized solution for managing and processing immigration checks and border control procedures. It automates various aspects of immigration processes, allowing for quicker and more efficient verification of traveler identities and their eligibility to enter a specific country or region.

What is automated border control at airports?

Automated border control at airports refers to the use of technology, like eGates, to manage and expedite the process of checking travelers at border crossings. It is designed to streamline the immigration process, making it faster and more secure by using biometric verification methods and automatic passport controls.

How do you use automated border control?

Using automated border control involves interacting with technologically advanced systems such as eGates. Travelers are usually required to scan their biometric passports or ID cards at designated kiosks, where facial recognition technology or fingerprint scanners will verify their identity. Following successful verification, travelers are allowed to pass through to their destination.

What is automated border control eGates and facial recognition systems?

Automated border control eGates and facial recognition systems are integrated solutions that streamline the border crossing process. These systems, like the eGates equipped with facial recognition technologies, automate the verification of travel documents and biometric data, allowing for a more secure and efficient passenger flow at immigration checkpoints. Travelers typically engage by scanning their passports and undergoing facial recognition processes to confirm their identity before receiving clearance to proceed.

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