Photo ID Matching (1:1)

1:1 Photo ID Matching

Real Time Face Authentication with Facia’s Photo ID Matching Solution

Prevent identity theft and fraud by accurately matching face with ID documents. Facia verifies physical presence in 1 sec and performs accurate 1:1 face matching using photo ID verification.

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Facia's AI-Driven Photo ID Matching Solution

Robust Photo ID matching (1:1) for swift customer onboarding. Our AI-driven face recognition technology is built on cutting-edge convolutional neural networks. Our solutions have complete compatibility with Web, Android & iOS.

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  • Unparalleled Accuracy
  • Identity Verification
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Key Features of Photo

Onboard your customers with a seamless process and ensure that individuals only submit their own ID documents for verification

Facia offers easy integration for its photo id matching solution

Easy Integration

Face id verification solution can be integrated within your current business processes with relative ease

Quick Verification

Quick Verification

Our technology performs the liveness check within seconds, empowering faster customer onboarding

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Onboarding verified customers will result in cost effectiveness in the long-run

The Photo ID Matching Process

Photo ID Matching involves comparing a person’s physical appearance on their official IDs with a live photo or selfie to ensure verification. Facia analyses 3D facial features using 3D face mapping to determine if there is a match between the two images based on confidence score.

Photo ID Scanning: Capture of digital image from a government-issued ID.
The user is then prompted to take a selfie or live photo. This live image is used for facial recognition.
Advanced algorithms analyze both the digital ID image and the live selfie to detect and measure the likeness between facial features, such as distance between the eyes, nose shape, and other key characteristics.
In the final stage, the system confirms the individual's identity when the likeness between the live selfie and the ID photo meets predetermined criteria, allowing access or authorization.

Why Choose Facia’s advanced Photo ID Matching Solution?

  • 24/7 Remote Verification
  • Legal Compliance for KYC Providers
  • Swift, Frictionless Customer Onboarding
  • Customisable Solution

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Why choose Facia’s advanced Photo ID Matching-solution

1:1 Photo ID Matching Use Cases


Customer Onboarding

Photo ID Matching fortifies customer onboarding by integrating face ID verification. By comparing a photo ID card with a live selfie, it ensures secure and precise identity verification. This function, backed by face recognition algorithms, provides a seamless experience on any mobile device, reducing friction for the user.


Airport Security and Border Control

For airport security and border control, face recognition technology is a game-changer. It automates immigration checks by comparing travelers’ passport photos, even the passport card, with live images taken during check-ins. Not only does it enhance border security, but it also expedites the process, reducing long queues and making it convenient for police and security personnel.


Online Banking Transactions

With financial frauds on the rise, online banking can benefit significantly from face ID verification. By aligning a photo ID card with a live selfie, it strengthens identity verification, safeguarding the user's information and finances. Banks can now reduce the reliance on passcodes and offer a more secure biometric alternative.


Criminal Identification

For law enforcement, face recognition is essential. Whether identifying suspects captured in a mugshot, surveillance footage, or crime scene images, 1:1 photo ID matching uses face recognition algorithms to accurately match against a comprehensive database.


Insurance Applications

Insurance fraud is a significant concern. With 1:1 photo ID matching, insurance companies can validate applicant identities against their official documents cards, ensuring genuine individuals are provided coverage, preventing false claims and providing a transparent process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is face matching id?

Face ID Matching is an advanced feature in facial recognition technology that uses facial features to verify the identity of an individual. First it extracts facial data from photo ids and then matches it with the user requesting access, if both features match, the system will grant access or refuse it.

How face id works?

Face ID is a sophisticated biometric authentication method. Using facial recognition, it scans users' faces through infrared and dot projections. This captured data is then cross-referenced with the device's stored data, determining if access is granted. Its adaptability and security features make it top-notch.

What is photo Id matching?

Photo ID Match is a security measure that verifies the identity of an individual by comparing their photo identification with their physical appearance. Advanced facial recognition algorithims are used to analyze the features of the individual's face and compare them to the photo on their ID.

How does one to one photo id work?

The 1:1 photo identification process involves capturing an individual's photo and comparing it to a pre-existing image in a database using face recognition algorithms. The system then generates a match score based on facial templates, and which will be used to determine whether the individual is authorized to proceed.

Why photo id matching is important?

Photo ID matching is essential for several reasons:

Identity Verification: It confirms that the person presenting the ID matches the photo on the document, reducing the risk of impersonation.

Security: It enhances security by ensuring that individuals accessing secure areas or services are who they claim to be.

Fraud Prevention: Photo ID matching helps prevent the use of stolen or counterfeit IDs in various industries, including finance, travel, and government.

Compliance: Many industries are required by law to verify identities, making photo ID matching a regulatory necessity.

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