Photo ID Matching (1:1)

Face & Photo ID Matching

Real Time Face ID Verification with Facia’s Photo ID Matching Solution

Prevent identity theft and fraud by accurately matching a face with identity documents. Facia verifies physical presences, face match & 1:1 photo identification under 1 sec.

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Facia's AI-Driven Photo ID Matching Solution

Robust Photo ID matching (1:1) for swift onboarding
of your customers.

  • Instant Results
  • Unparalleled Accuracy
  • Identity Verification
  • 180+ Document Types Supported

Key Features of Photo

Onboard your customers with a seamless process and ensure that individuals only submit their own documents for verification

Facia offers easy integration for its photo id matching solution

Easy Integration

The service can be integrated within your current business processes with relative ease

Quick Verification

Quick Verification

Our technology performs the check within seconds, empowering faster customer onboarding

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Onboarding verified customers will result in cost effectiveness in the long-run

The Photo ID Matching Process

facia photo id matcing

Why Choose Facia’s advanced Photo ID Matching Solution?

  • 24/7 Remote Verification
  • Legal Compliance for KYC Providers
  • Swift, Frictionless Customer Onboarding
  • Customisable Solution

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Why choose Facia’s advanced Photo ID Matching-solution

1:1 Photo ID Matching Use Cases


Customer Onboarding

Photo ID Matching validates user identity during the customer onboarding process. It verifies submitted IDs with live selfies, ensuring secure and accurate verification.


Airport Security and Border Control

1:1 face matching automates immigration checks by comparing travellers’ passport photos with live images captured during check-ins, enhancing border security and identity verification.


Online Banking Transactions

Financial institutions use 1:1 photo matching to fortify online identity verification, by comparing photo IDs with live selfies, it verifies applicants’ identities and mitigates fraudulent activities.


Criminal Identification

Facial recognition with 1:1 photo matching identifies suspects captured in surveillance footage or crime scene images and matches it against the database.


Insurance Applications

In the insurance industry, applicants’ identities can be validated with photo IDs and live selfies, which ensures that insurance coverage is provided to genuine individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Face Matching ID?

Face ID Matching is an advanced feature in facial recognition technology that uses facial features to verify the identity of an individual. First it extracts facial data from photo ids and then matches it with the user requesting access, if both features match, the system will grant access or refuse it.

How Does Face Id Works?

Face ID is a biometric authentication method that uses facial recognition to unlock devices and authenticate users. It Captures a 3D scan of the user's face using a combination of infrared and dot projection technology. This facial data is then compared to the stored facial data on the device to determine if the user is authorized to access it.

Face ID is designed to be highly secure, with a false positive rate of only one in a million. It is also designed to adapt to changes in the user's appearance, such as wearing glasses or growing a beard.

What is Photo Id Matching?

Photo ID Match is a security measure that verifies the identity of an individual by comparing their photo identification with their physical appearance. The technology behind Photo ID Match utilizes facial recognition software to analyze the features of the individual's face and compare them to the photo on their ID.

How does one to one photo id work?

The 1:1 photo identification process involves capturing an individual's photograph and comparing it to a pre-existing image in a database. This Involves capturing a high-quality image of the individual's face, which is then compared to a reference image.

The system then generates a match score based on facial templates, and which will be used to determine whether the individual is authorized to proceed.

How To Prevent Identity Fraud with Photo ID Matching?

Photo ID Matching combines facial recognition technology with government-issued identification documents to verify a user's identity. By comparing the live facial image with the photo on the ID document, facia ensures that the person presenting the ID is the legitimate owner, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Can Photo ID Matching Detect Sophisticated Forgery Attempts?

Yes, Photo ID Matching systems utilize advanced algorithms that can identify various signs of document tampering or forgery. These systems analyze security features, such as holograms, watermarks, and microprinting, to detect any inconsistencies or irregularities that may indicate a fake ID.

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