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Face Recognition System For Banking & Finance

Accelerate Trust & Streamline New Account Opening

Authenticate your customer identity swiftly and securely with fool-proof facial biometric recognition solutions while meeting KYC & AML compliance at a glance.

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A facial recognition system for banking and finance that helps prevent fraud and enhance security through biometric verification

Digitalise the Banking Sector

  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Enhanced Security
  • Faster Customer Onboarding
  • Remote Verification

Benefits of Facial Recognition System
in Banking and Finance

Icon Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

With Facia it only takes less than 1 to verify identity, and enjoy a seamless process during Account opening, Atm Withdraws, or during online banking.

Icon Convenient and Efficient Customer Experience

1:n face Authentication

Within 1 sec Facia can match customers’ faces with fraudulent databases and can verify your user identities with 99% accuracy.

Icon Fraud Prevention and Risk Mitigation

Fraud Prevention and Risk Mitigation

Facia can detect and prevent fraudulent activities such as identity theft, account takeover, and unauthorized transactions.

Risk-Free Transactions Using AI-Native Liveness Checks

Build Trust, enjoy Seamless Customer Onboarding with Face Recognition System, and protect your business from fraud. Our AI-native liveness checks allow for swift and secure identity verification technology for your customers worldwide.

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What Makes Facia’s Face Recognition
System Unique?

Unlike paper-based documentation and manual verification, our solution offers a completely digital, seamless, and automated process. Our solution uses biometric facial recognition for identity verification, which is faster, more secure, and offers real-time verification, enabling businesses to onboard customers quickly, securely, and effortlessly.

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Facia’s Innovative Use Cases For
Financial Industry

Facia’s biometric facial recognition solutions can be used for the following:

  • Seamless Onboarding
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Secure Account Opening
  • Contactless Payments
  • Selfie Logins
  • Remote Verification

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is face recognition system for banks?

A face recognition system for banks is a technology that uses biometric verification to identify and authenticate customers. It enhances the security and efficiency of various banking operations such as account access, transactions, and customer service processes.

Is face recognition safe for banking?

Face recognition can be a secure method for banking when used with other authentication processes, like two-factor authentication. Advanced face recognition system, such as Facia, incorporate liveness detection to prevent spoofing attacks, making them safer.

How is facial recognition used in insurance?

Facial recognition in insurance can be used for identity verification during claim processing. It can help in automating and speeding up the claim approval processes, and also reduce the risks of fraudulent claims.

What is facial recognition in bfsi?

Facial recognition in bfsi is the application of biometric technology to enhance the security and efficiency of various financial operations. It is used in identity verification, secure access control, and customer authentication in banking and financial services, and insurance claim verification.

What is the role of face authentication in banking?

Face authentication plays a significant role in securing banking operations. It helps in: Ensuring that customers are who they say they are during transactions or account access. Simplifying the login process without compromising security. Adding an extra layer of security in online and mobile transactions to prevent unauthorized access and fraud. Enabling secure access to banking services remotely, enhancing customer convenience and service accessibility.

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