Industry-Grade Face Verification System Built For Government Agencies

Our Facial recognition suit gives law enforcement and intelligence agencies a solution to leverage biometric technologies for robust and more secure individual identification.

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Fraud Prevention for Governments

  • Mass Face Search
  • Border Control & Immigration
  • Empowering Law Enforcement
  • Reduce Crime Rates

Facia – Providing Security and Assistance
in a Dynamic World

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Government Certitude
on Facia

Facia provides reliable defense and security solutions to armed forces, governments, and international organizations. We ensure the attainment and maintenance of security, tactical supremacy, and strategic independence, guaranteeing protection against any challenge.

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Facia Future in
Digital Battlefield

Our commitment to creating smart sensors and linking troops on the digital battlefield sets us apart. We offer cutting-edge solutions that safeguard states, cities, and critical infrastructure, making us an indispensable partner in defense and security.

Simplying issues with Facia Assistance

Simplifying Issues With
Facia Assistance

At Facia, we assist individuals facing confusion and uncertainty in a world full of possibilities. Our team of experts combines their exceptional knowledge to provide guidance and support at every critical turning point, be it in the depths of the ocean or the reaches of space and cyberspace.

Safeguard National Identity and Fight Fraud with Facia

Accelerate trust and secure borders without hard-to-fool facial biometric authentication solutions. Ensure only nationals can gain access to the perks and services you provide.

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Game Studio
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Facia’s Tailored Use Cases For
Government Industry

  • Criminal Identification
  • Secure CheckPoints/Borders
  • Account Opening
  • ID Fraud Prevention
  • Instant Verification
  • Enhanced Surveillance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a face verification system?

Face verification is a technology that uses ai driven facial recognition algorithms to verify a person's identity. The system compares a live person's image with a person's face stored in a database with their ID documents to verify their identities.

How easy is it to integrate a Biometric verification system with my existing infrastructure?

Our face verification system can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure. We offer flexible integration options and provide technical support throughout the integration process to ensure a smooth transition.

Can I customize the features of your facial verification system?

Yes, our face verification system is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it as per your specific needs. You can adjust verification requirements, set access levels, and more to meet your unique requirements.

How can Facia assist governments and armed forces in achieving security and tactical supremacy?

Facia can assist governments and the armed forces by providing them with reliable and accurate facial recognition technology that can help in identifying individuals and enhancing security measures.

Can a Face Verification System be integrated with other government systems?

Yes, a Face Verification System can be easily integrated with other government systems such as a National ID database, passport systems, or other biometric-based authentication systems

Is it more efficient to use biometric face recognition in onboarding?

Yes, using a face recognition system can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of the onboarding process. Facia's Biometric Face Recognition improves onboarding by providing secure identity verification. It replaces manual processes with a biometric authentication system, eliminating the need for physical ID verification.

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