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Next-Gen Spoof Detection Lab

A key focus is to constantly develop advanced spoof protection mechanisms to keep up with next-gen fraud techniques. We aim to develop face recognition solutions that remain unreachable against spoof attacks. Our testing procedures includes all types of spoof attacks including the use of hyper-realistic masks.


“Facia aims to bring groundbreaking innovations to the world of digital security. We believe that the only way to bring constant innovation is to focus and deploy greater resources to the research and development process. Our R&D practices are becoming more expansive than ever.”

Mujadad N., CEO Facia

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What’s Next?

Leading the Way for Future Innovation

The Future of Twin Identification

Iris Scan Technology

The Future of Twin Identification

We aim to empower businesses with iris scan technology to enhance their digital security measures. In scenarios where two identical twins are involved, iris is the only differentiable biometric.

Pioneers in FR Technology

Filing Patents for Our Groundbreaking Solutions

Facia emerged as a groundbreaking solution for liveness detection, and recently filed a patent to protect our technology. It is essential for Facia to secure the technology in order to seamlessly deliver frictionless solutions to businesses globally.

Next-Generation Face Verification Systems
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Creating a Global Presence

Facia Goes Global

Facia aims to establish itself as the leader in face recognition technology and liveness detection. To further facilitate our clients globally, we aim to continuously expand to different physical locations. Our current presence includes United Kingdom & Asia, as we aim to move towards the Europe and African regions as part of our upcoming plans.

Revolution in Healthcare

Advanced Patient Management Systems

Post Covid-19, the world became familiar with newer technological innovations. The future of healthcare management aims to minimise human interaction and focus on solutions such as face recognition technology to keep track of patient histories, records and access controls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the future trend in facial recognition?

The future of facial recognition holds exciting possibilities. For instance, emerging technologies like Facia can analyze facial features, including age, and accurately determine their locations within a photo. These developments indicate a growing trend towards more precise and comprehensive facial analysis, enabling improved identification and tailored applications in multiple industries.

What are three key benefits of facial recognition?

Facial recognition offers key benefits, including heightened security, improved efficiency, and enhanced medical treatment. It protects businesses against theft, streamlines identity verification processes, reduces touchpoints, and contributes to accurate patient identification in healthcare.

What is the research objective of face recognition?

The primary research objective of facial recognition is to achieve accurate individual identification. By developing advanced algorithms, facia aims to minimize false positives and improve the reliability and performance of facial recognition systems.

What technologies are used in face recognition?

Facial recognition utilizes technologies like 2D matching, 3D mapping, thermal imaging, and retinal scanning. These technologies, coupled with machine learning and AI, empower accurate and robust identification in various scenarios.

What does R&D mean in innovation?

R&D (Research and Development) drives innovation by fostering new ideas, processes, and commercialization. It ensures business competitiveness, sustains long-term growth, and encompasses activities that expand knowledge and keep pace with evolving market demands.

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Facia's certification badge showcasing iBeta compliance, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability in facial recognition technology. ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) logo, representing Facia's compliance with aviation security standards and biometric technology. Facia's compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations for data protection and privacy. NIST Facia's ISO 9001 certification for quality management, ensuring high standards in operations and customer satisfaction.
Facia's ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, demonstrating the company's commitment to sustainability. Facia's compliance with CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) regulations, protecting consumer data and privacy rights ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) logo, representing Facia's compliance with aviation security standards and biometric technology.

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