Pay With Face

Facial Recognition Payment System

Facia's revolutionary facial recognition payment system lets you pay instantly with just a smile. Our cutting-edge technology ensures lightning-fast, secure, and contactless transactions - making your shopping experience smoother than ever.

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AI-Powered Software for Biometrics Payments

Facia is at the forefront of biometric payment technology. Our facial recognition system combines deep learning and machine learning algorithms to ensure every transaction is not only quick but secure

  • Lightning-fast recognition (<1 sec)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tailored Solutions for Every Industry
  • Anti-spoofing technology

Why Facial Recognition Payment System?

With global credit card fraud surpassing $30 billion in 2023, the vulnerabilities of traditional payment methods are more apparent than ever. Facia addresses these challenges by offering a secure, efficient alternative that significantly reduces the risk of fraud.

Our face detection technology uses unique facial features of individuals, offering a layer of biometric authentication that's virtually impossible to replicate. The shift towards secure and convenient payment methods is undeniable. By 2025, over 2 billion people are projected to use biometric payment solutions, including facial recognition.

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What is Facial Payment Technology?

Facial payment technology, also known as biometric payment system, uses facial recognition to revolutionize transaction authorization. This innovative approach leverages an individual's unique facial features as a secure and highly reliable form of biometric authentication. By eliminating the need for physical cards, PINs, or cash, facial payment technology offers significant advantages in terms of both security and user experience.

How Facial Biometrics Works

Experience the ease of Facia's facial recognition lockers:

Facial Data

High-resolution facial recognition cameras capture a detailed image of the user's face. 


Machine learning algorithms analyze the image, identifying key facial landmarks and creating a unique biometric data profile.

Template Comparison

This profile is then compared against a stored digital template, ensuring a match with 99% accuracy thanks to our facial recognition algorithm.

Transaction Verification

A successful match triggers the payment authorization, making transactions as effortless as they are secure.

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Why Choose Facia?

Facia transforms your business operations with a face payment solution designed for superior accuracy, seamless integration, and top-tier security protocols. facial biometrics ensures a smooth customer experience and bolsters peace of mind for you and your clients alike.

  • Lightning-Fast Verification (Under 1 Second)
  • iBeta Level 1 & 2 compliant, with a 0.0% FAR at <1% FRR
  • Anti-Spoofing & 3D Liveness Detection
  • APIs compatibility with your existing POS & kiosks.
  • Never store your data, (PII).
  • on-premises & cloud integrations
  • Scalable and Adaptable

Hardware Compatibility

  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals
  • Smartphones
  • Kiosks: Self-service terminals

Enterprise-Ready Payment Solution

Facia presents an enterprise-ready payment solution, delivering quick face payment capabilities designed for businesses seeking enhanced security and streamlined customer experiences




AI Security Features


Seamless Integration


Superior Transaction Speed

Contactless Payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pay by Face?

Pay by face is a contactless payment method using facial recognition technology to verify your identity and authorize transactions, offering a seamless, secure alternative to traditional payment systems. It replaces the need for cards, PINs, or cash.

Which software is used for face payments?

Facia's facial recognition software is used for facial recognition payment. It uses deep learning and biometric authentication mechanisms to process secure and swift face payments across various industries without affecting user privacy.

Do ATMs use facial recognition?

While facial recognition ATMs are not yet widespread, they are widely used in China. Companies like Alibaba and China Construction Bank use this technology to enhance security and reduce fraud. It allows users to access banking services without physical cards or PINs, depending on the bank's technological adoption.

How is my biometric data stored and protected?

Facia prioritizes user privacy. We never store facial images themselves; instead, we create a unique mathematical template based on your facial features. This template is what allows the system to recognize you quickly and securely for transactions. We never store any personally identifiable information (PII).

Can someone else use my face to make a payment?

Our advanced anti-spoofing technology uses sophisticated algorithms to detect potential fraud attempts. 3D liveness detection ensures the system is interacting with a real person, not a photograph or video. This multi-layered approach minimizes the risk of unauthorized transactions and keeps your money safe.

Does facial recognition work on glasses, a hat, or a mask?

Facia is designed for real-world use and is optimized to function under various conditions. Wearing minor accessories like glasses or hats typically won't hinder recognition. In rare instances where significant portions of your face are covered (e.g., by a mask), the system may require temporary adjustments or a secure backup method like a PIN for verification.

Is facial recognition payment safe?

Facial recognition payment can be highly secure when implemented with robust security measures. Facia ensures the safety of your transactions with several key protections:

  • Data Encryption: All facial data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Anti-Spoofing Technology: Advanced technology helps detect and prevent fraudulent attempts using fake images or masks.
  • Strict Access Controls: Access to facial recognition data is tightly controlled, ensuring only authorized personnel can view or manage it.
How does Facia protect my facial data?

Facia prioritizes user privacy with these data protection measures:

  • No PII Storage: We never store any personally identifiable information (PII) linked to your facial data.
  • Unique Templates: Instead of images, we create anonymized facial templates for secure recognition.
  • Strict Access Control: Only authorized personnel can access these templates.
How fast are facial recognition payments?

Facial recognition payments are incredibly fast. Facia's system can verify your identity and complete a transaction in under 1 second, significantly faster than traditional payment methods using cards or PINs. This translates to a smoother and quicker checkout experience for both customers and businesses.

Where can I use facial recognition payments?

Facial recognition payment technology is rapidly gaining traction and can be used in a variety of settings, including small shops, vending machines, supermarkets, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It offers a seamless and secure transaction experience, reducing the need for physical cards or cash.