Government Surveillance

Secure Borders with Facial Recognition System

Robust Facial Recognition System To Facilitate Government Surveillance

Ultimate Security Protection with Professional cameras, protected algorithms, a secure database, & Seamless processing.

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Benefits Of Face Recognition
For Government Surveillance

Improve trust and security with a tough-to-crack face biometric authentication solution to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not gain illegal access.


Enhanced Security

With innovative Biometrics Technology, the government can better monitor high-risk locations like borders, airports, and government buildings.



Our system simplifies the authentication procedure and eliminates the need for manual security checks, saving time and money.


Accurate Identification

Facia’s surveillance system offers a higher identification accuracy, facilitating the government’s efforts to find and apprehend criminals.

How Facial Recognition Works

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Facial recognition system compares features to a government database, notifying authorities if a match is found.

Liveness detection techniques ensure that the data collected is from real individuals

Liveness Detection

Liveness detection techniques ensure that the data collected is from real individuals, not just photos or videos.

Facia identifies individuals and analyzes data, providing valuable insights into their movements

Data Analysis

Facia identifies individuals and analyzes data, providing valuable insights into their movements and behaviors.

Our system encrypts and stores all data securely, with restricted access granted to authorized

Privacy Protection

Our system encrypts and stores all data securely, with restricted access granted to authorized personnel.

Revolutionize Government Surveillance with Facia's Advanced Facial Recognition System

Facia's cutting-edge Solution empowers the government sector to enhance its surveillance capabilities. Our advanced system with liveness detection ensures that only authorized personnel gain access to secure areas. With our solution, the government can effectively monitor and protect its citizens, assets, and critical infrastructure.

Facial Recognition
and Verification for Secure Border

Governments can implement several types of border security measures to control and monitor their borders and ensure the safety of their citizens.

  • Border Security
  • Real Time Border Monitoring
  • Border Patrols
  • Cross Border Movements
  • Customs Inspections
  • Intra-Border Movements

Biometric Authentication and Verification for Immigrations Management

Facia Helps During the Process of Biometric Authentication and Verification, in Immigrations Management.

  • Watchlist Screening
  • Passport Verification
  • Password Authentication
  • Fake Visa processing identification
  • Documents verification during immigrations

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Biometric Authentication and Verification

How Governments Maintain Secure Borders ?

Facial recognition technology can be used to identify potential terrorists or criminals who may pose a threat to national security.


Identify any person through face recognition system with live detection.


Authorize the person with a worldwide database on a single platform.

Ensure regulatory compliance with Facia's advanced facial recognition technology, minimizing risks and safeguarding businesses.

DOB, existing name similarities differentiated through the face.


Facia Providing
Real-Life Testing At International Level

Facia also offers real-life testing for international borders. When it comes to surveillance, facial recognition is a secure and trustworthy solution.

  • Trusted voter registration
  • National identity registers
  • Border control
  • Criminal identification

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Create Biometric Registries With Facia

Trusted, scalable, and tailored face verification solutions for creating biometric registries for elections and other citizen services by using top-performing face recognition Surveillance.

Boost Remote

Boost Remote Citizen Enrollment


Access Government Services with Face

Frictionless and Digitized Citizen
Registration with Facia

With state-of-the-art facial biometric recognition technology, we help you establish a frictionless and digitized citizen registration journey. We deliver a complete package to boost remote citizen enrollment while overcoming the risk of crimes in real time.

Boost Remote Citizen Enrollment

Boost Remote Citizen Enrollment

Access Government Services

Access Government Services with Face

Safe Citizen by Securing Borders with Facia

We help automate citizen immigration processes by enhancing border control systems and improving people’s travel experiences. Track and manage the flow of visitors across borders.


Tracking the flow at borders


International airports facial recognitions


Seamless immigrations process

Facia’s Tailored Use Cases
for Government Agencies

Protect Your National Identity and Fight Against Fraud.

Improve trust and border security with a tough-to-crack biometric authentication solution. Make sure that only nationals can use the perks and services you offer.

  • Criminal Identification
  • Secure CheckPoints/Borders
  • Account Opening
  • ID Fraud Prevention
  • Instant Verification

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is facial recognition surveillance?

Facial recognition surveillance is a technology used to identify or verify individuals by analyzing facial features from images or video feeds. It is commonly employed in various security and surveillance applications to monitor and track individuals in different environments, such as airports, shopping malls, or public events.

What is facial recognition security system?

A facial recognition security system is an integrated solution that uses facial recognition technology to enhance security measures. Such systems, like Facia, identify and authenticate individuals, ensuring that only authorized persons can access certain areas or information, thus safeguarding against unauthorized access and potential breaches.

What is facial recognition access control?

Facial recognition access control is a security mechanism that uses facial recognition technology to grant or deny access to physical or digital spaces. Systems like Facia analyze an individual’s facial features and compare them against a database to determine whether access should be allowed, enhancing the security of sensitive areas.

What system is used for facial recognition?

Various systems use facial recognition, employing algorithms and machine learning to analyze and match facial features. A notable recommendation is Facia, which stands out due to its robust and efficient technology, ensuring accurate results even when vast amounts of data are involved, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

What is the role of facial recognition system in surveillance systems?

Facial recognition systems, play a crucial role in surveillance by automating the identification and tracking process. They enable the real-time monitoring of spaces, enhancing security by promptly identifying unauthorized or suspicious individuals, which is essential in preventing potential threats and ensuring public safety.

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