Account Deduplication (1:N)

Advanced Account De-duplication

Prevent Duplicate Sign-Ups and Enhance Security With Facia

Improve user experience by preventing duplicate sign ups and ensure a seamless onboarding process for your customers.

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Facia’s Advanced Account
Deduplication Service

AI Powered Face Recognition

AI Powered Face Recognition

We offer a cutting-edge account deduplication service, supported by our state of the art AI driven face recognition.

AI based Liveness Detection

AI based Liveness Detection

Real-time identification ensures genuineness of each user’s identity, and eliminates any attempts to deceive the verification process.

Face Matching with Database

Face Matching with Database

Allow access to genuine users, prevent duplicate sign-ups, and ensure a secure and trustworthy platform for your customers.

How Facia’s Account
Service Works

User Registration


During sign-up, our system collects the user's registration data.

Real-time Analysis


Our technology performs real-time analysis of the user's facial features.

Identity Verification


Our system cross-references the user's data with the database.

Prevent Duplicate Sign-Ups

Prevent Duplicate Sign-Ups

If a match is found, the system promptly blocks the creation of a duplicate account.

Why Choose Facia’s Account
Deduplication Service?

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Protect your platform from fraud and maintain customer integrity.

Improved User Experience

Improved User Experience

Provide a seamless and hassle-free registration process for genuine users.

Platform Quality

Platform Quality

Maintain a high standard of user engagement by preventing duplicate accounts.

The impact of duplicate sign-ups

Duplicate sign-ups can cause significant problems for your business and is a particular requirement for dating and matchmaking websites. They lead to fraudulent activities and cause disturbance in the overall user experience, undermining the credibility of your platform. Facia's AI-driven mechanism identifies and prevents duplicate accounts, ensuring a secure and trustworthy platform that safeguards the integrity of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is account deduplication important for my platform?

Account deduplication is crucial for your platform as it helps maintain the integrity of user data and enhances security. By preventing duplicate sign-ups, you can minimize fraudulent activities, improve user experience, and establish a trustworthy environment for your users.

What is the difference between account deduplication and account linking?

Account deduplication prevents duplicate accounts within a system, ensuring data integrity and security. Account linking connects user accounts across platforms for a unified user experience.

How does Facia's account deduplication service work?

Facia's account deduplication service utilizes advanced AI-powered face recognition technology. During the registration process, the system analyzes the facial features of users in real-time and cross-references their data with an extensive database of known duplicates. If a match is found, the creation of a duplicate account is promptly blocked.

What is the benefit of using liveness detection in account deduplication?

Liveness detection is a crucial component of account deduplication. It ensures that each user is genuinely present during the verification process, eliminating any attempts to deceive the system. By incorporating liveness detection, Facia provides an added layer of security and prevents fraudulent activities associated with fake or synthetic identities.

Can Facia's account deduplication service be integrated into existing platforms?

Yes, Facia's account deduplication service is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing platforms. With flexible APIs and comprehensive documentation, the integration process is streamlined, allowing you to enhance the security of your platform without major disruptions.

How does account deduplication contribute to user trust and engagement?

Account deduplication plays a vital role in building user trust and improving engagement on your platform. By preventing duplicate accounts, you create a more authentic and reliable user base. This, in turn, fosters trust among your users and enhances their overall experience, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.

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