Combat Fraud with Facia’s Anti Money Laundering Solutions

Add an added layer of verification to your Anti Money Laundering Protocols with Facia’s AML Solution

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Ensure Anti-Money Laundering Compliance with Facia

A Robust AML compliance solution can bolster digital security!

  • Liveness Detection
  • Face Search
  • Face Match
  • Cross-platform integration
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Simplifying Anti-Money
Laundering Compliance

Ensure AML compliance and protect your business from fraud


Instantly Detect Transactions

Globally detect fraudulent transactions from individuals involved in money laundering


Enhance Customer Due Diligence

Enhanced customer due diligence for financial institutions by assessing the risks associated with potential transactions


Increase KYC Compliance

Combat several types of fraud including, identity theft, account takeover, and technological fraud.


Enhance Suspicious Activity Reporting

Companies are required to comply with AML practices and report suspicious activity. Facia’s AML solutions can automate that process for your organisation.

Ensure AML Compliance with Facia

AML laws constantly evolve and now apply to both financial and non-financial organizations worldwide. Compliance requirements could vary according to regions but Facia helps you stay compliant with a complete solution.

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Complete Fraud Protection

Ensure your company is aware of its clients, and maintain security of your platform and customers.


Quickly Search Worldwide Blacklists

Check users against international bans and PEP watchlists. Facia constantly updates its watchlists.


Check For Negative News

We screen for harmful news, to keep your organisation updated on latest AML regulations and happenings.

Facia’s Multimodal Biometric Technologies, Use Cases for AML

Ensure AML compliance and protect your business from financial crime

  • Criminal Identification
  • Secure CheckPoints/Borders
  • Account Opening
  • ID Fraud Prevention
  • Instant Verification
  • Enhanced Surveillance

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Capabilities Technical

Keep Track of Users after Clearance

The political and legislative landscapes are constantly shifting. Continuously filter customer lists using real-time data while monitoring PEP watchlists, international sanctions lists, and AML related news.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 pillars of AML?

Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Suspicious Activity Monitoring and Reporting, Risk Assessment, and AML Training are the four pillars of anti-money laundering (AML).

What is the AML system in banking?

The AML system describes banks' procedures and safeguards to stop, catch, and report money laundering activity.

What is the key requirement of AML?

AML's primary requirement is that financial institutions have effective money laundering prevention procedures, including risk assessment, client due diligence, and reporting suspicious behavior.

What is AML Compliance?

The term "anti-money laundering compliance" (AML compliance) describes the procedure of checking that financial institutions follow AML legislation and implement enough safeguards to thwart the laundering of illicit funds.

Which AML service is best?

Popular AML services include software systems for transaction monitoring, identity verification, and consulting services for AML compliance; however, the ideal AML service depends on the financial institution's demands.

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