Facial Biometrics in Sports

Facial Recognition for Stadiums & Sports Events

Revolutionize your stadium operations with facial recognition. Improve ticketing, access control, security, and fan experience with our cutting-edge technology.

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AI-Powered Facial Authentication System

Facia's AI-powered facial recognition platform is specifically designed for high-traffic stadium and sports event environments. Our proprietary algorithms and deep learning models deliver industry-leading accuracy and efficiency, empowering you to transform your sports venues.

  • Lightning-fast 1:1
  • Image-to-Video Matching
  • 1:N Face Identification
  • Video-to-Video Matching

Stadium Management Challenges Solved with Facia

Stadiums and sports venues face unique operational and fan experience challenges. Facia's AI-powered facial recognition technology tackles these head-ons, delivering tangible solutions that make a real difference. 

  • Slash entry wait times by up to 80% with reliable facial authentication
  • Mitigate stadium security risks with real-time alerts and identity checks
  • Recognize VIPs and offer tailored stadium access and special perks.
  • Visualize crowd movement data to monitor activity during busy events
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Transform Stadium Operations
with Facial Recognition

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Facial Ticketing

Traditional ticketing methods (scanning barcodes, searching for tickets) cause entry delays and crowd frustration. With facial recognition ticketing, fans enroll their faces through a secure app linked to their digital ticket.

Facial Payments

Cash and card payments slow down concession lines and merchandise stands. Fans connect payment methods to their secure facial profile. A simple scan enables touch-free, lightning-fast transactions, minimising wait times.

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Facial Parking Access

Manual ticket verification and cash payments create bottlenecks at parking entrances and exits. Facial recognition cameras automate the parking process. Fans pre-register their license plates, enabling frictionless entry/exit and drastically minimizing traffic congestion.

Facial Credentialing

Manually verifying staff, vendor, and media credentials is time-consuming and prone to error. Facial recognition grants pre-approved individuals access to authorized zones (locker rooms, media areas, etc.).

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Facial Recognition in Action

Game Day Transformed: Before & After Facia

Facial Recognition Facial Recognition
 The Old Way vs The Facia Advantage

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is facial recognition used in events?

Facial recognition technology has several applications at sporting events and large-scale gatherings:

Ticketing and Entry: Streamline entry with facial recognition ticketing. Fans' faces become their tickets, minimizing bottlenecks and wait times.

Security: Proactively identify potential threats by cross-referencing faces against watchlists or databases (1:N face identification).

VIP Experiences: Offer exclusive access, personalized greetings, and tailored perks to VIPs identified through facial recognition.

Crowd Management: Analyze crowd movement patterns with facial recognition to optimize staffing, concession placement, and venue layout.

Does the NFL use facial recognition?

Yes, the NFL is expanding its use of facial recognition technology for staff and fan entry. By the 2024 season, league owners expect to have a centralized facial recognition Identity and Access Management (IAM) service, based on the Express Access authentication platform, in place across all 30 stadiums.

In which sporting events is facial recognition used?

Facial recognition usage is becoming increasingly prevalent across sporting events worldwide. Here are some examples:

Major League Baseball (MLB): Teams like the New York Mets and Cleveland Guardians utilize facial recognition for streamlined ticketing.

International Sports: Facial recognition has been implemented at events like the Super Bowl, the Tokyo Olympics, and soccer matches in various European leagues.

Global Stadiums: Famous stadiums like Allianz Arena (Germany) and Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia) leverage facial recognition in their operations.

Which sports stadiums are using facial recognition tech?

Facial recognition is used in several sports stadiums worldwide. Here are a few examples:

US: Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies), Madison Square Garden (New York), Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse (Cleveland Cavaliers) and Citi Field (New York Mets) have also piloted facial recognition for entry.

International: Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia), Allianz Arena (Germany), Wembley Stadium (UK)

What happens to facial data collected?
  • Minimal Data Collection: We only collect essential facial data points for accurate identification, not full images.
  • Secure Storage: All data is encrypted and stored securely to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Limited Access: Strict access controls ensure only authorized personnel can access facial data for legitimate purposes.
  • Compliance with Regulations: We adhere to data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, giving you control over your information.