Optical Character Recognition

Facia performs fast data extraction and accurate OCR from all forms of text.

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Facia | An AI-powered OCR Technology.

Witness the most accurate and diverse OCR Reader with highest speed of response within 1 second.

  • Swift Output
  • Wide range of text formats supported.
  • High Accuracy

Key Features of Facia’s OCR Services.

Extract data from documents through OCR within seconds with Facia.


Noiseless Preprocessing

Prepare document images for OCR without any distortions.


Quick Deciphering

Swiftly convert the images of text into machine-readable text.


Accurate Output

Obtain highly refined and diversely usable output text.

How Facia OCR works?

Bringing you a perfect combo of AI & CNN to boost the performance of OCR technology
and bring you unique experience of fast character recognition.


Facia’s OCR is the best choice.

  • Over the clock service availability
  • Standardized approach
  • Quick and accurate results
  • Diversely usable output formats
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How Facia Can Help You



Automating the processing of checks, loan applications, and financial documents to improve efficiency and accuracy.



Digitizing patient records and prescriptions for better management and quick access.

Legal and Compliance

Legal and Compliance

Extracting and indexing text from legal documents for research and regulatory compliance.


Retail and E-commerce

Scanning barcodes and extracting product details for inventory management and online listings.



Automatically grading exams and digitizing academic papers for easier reference and search.

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Extracting information from shipping labels and tracking numbers to streamline logistics and package tracking.

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