Deepfake Detection Tool

Ultimate Deepfake Detection Tool

100% Protection Against Deepfakes

At Facia, we're dedicated to empowering businesses and governments the fight against deepfakes with our AI-driven deepfake detection tool, powered by Morpheous 2.0

Instant Deployment

With API and SDK Integration

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Detection Accuracy

The Threat of Deepfakes


Content Propaganda

Deepfakes of political figures can be used to mislead the public.


Fake Profiles

Fake profiles on social platforms with deepfake images & videos can lure people into scams.


Real Time Video Manipulation

Advanced scammers can hack live feeds and manipulate real-time videos.

AI-Powered Deepfake Detection Tool

Analyse any image or video with confidence, our deep fake detection solution is built on a proprietary deep fake protection model (morpheous) to identify any manipulated media.

  • Deep Fake Videos
  • Hyper-realistic Media
  • Facial Manipulation
  • Realistic Face Swaps

Detect the Undetectable With Facia

Our state-of-the-art deepfake detection models actively identify and neutralise a variety of sophisticated deepfakes, ensuring your digital media remains authentic and trustworthy.

Auto Encoders:

Rapid face swap detection to prevent identity fraud.


Skilled detection of AI-generated synthetic media.

Deep Learning:

Advanced algorithms for subtle alteration detection.

Few-Shot Fakes:

Efficient recognition of minimally crafted fakes.

App-Based Fakes:

Rapid face swap detection to prevent identity fraud.

Why Choose Facia?

Facia has developed an advanced algorithm (Morpheus 2.0) to strengthen the digital identity verification mechanism. Trained on intensive datasets, Facia’s deepfake detection model provides 100% protection against:

  • Face Manipulation Detection
  • High Accuracy Rates
  • Synthetic Fraud Detection
  • Seamless API Integration

How Does It Work?

Facia has developed a proprietary state of the art ai solution known as Morphpiod convolutional neural networks that automatically detect and prevent ai-generated synthetic media during the identity verification process.


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