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Face ID Check Driving Reliability, Trust, and Security Across Global Industries

Unlock Trust & Security: How Face ID Verification Transforms Businesses

Author: Carter | 20 Dec 2023

Biometric verification has come a long way with time. The addition of new technologies, especially AI, is transforming the way biometric data processing occurs across digital channels.

The concept of Face ID check is picking pace as it completely redefines the way businesses verify their customers. Breaking the barriers of physical interaction, a face ID check provides an intuitive way of verifying identities using the person’s facial characteristics. It uses a modern face recognition approach to evaluate users’ data in real-time and is becoming a prominent solution across industries. The statistics speak the same, with the facial recognition market size rising at a high growth rate, expected to cross $10.4 billion by 2030. 

This blog will discuss the importance of incorporating a face ID check solution in 2024 and beyond. It will highlight all the key aspects by which firms can take full advantage of this revolutionary concept.

The Need for Face ID Check – A Recap

Face ID check is a great solution for firms that operate remotely. It played a game-changing role during the pandemic when physical contact with any electronic or digital device was restricted. All other means of biometric verification systems, such as fingerprints, were taken down. However, fraudsters have found techniques for bypassing basic biometric verification checks. Sometimes, they even use attacks like spoofing to get access to enterprise systems, taking over all the necessary business data. 

According to statistics, the use of fake IDs is on the rise, and nearly 46% of FinTechs have reported data breaches. 57% of Canadians reported fraud across retail, logistics, financial services, and leisure sectors.

A Face ID check works as a strong line of defence for business, ensuring the right person enters the system. To perform a face check ID of a customer, firms opt for multiple techniques, including 2D and 3D detection

Implementing Face ID Check – Key Areas

Face ID check is a universal solution for industries that involve a high-risk involvement of the audience. It is significant for every firm as it secures enterprise systems in several areas.

ID Verification

Face ID check provides a significant advantage when it comes to verifying identities. Businesses can evaluate the real data of the client using just their face and comparing it with pre-existing data. It applies a set of rules specified for processing facial data. Once the person is verified, the system automatically categorises the entity as client, customer, employee, VIP, or a new unregistered person. The whole process evaluates the facial information such as shape, geometry, depth, and structure.

Spoofing Detection

Speaking of verification, modern check Face ID solutions use liveness detection and 3D face matching algorithms to detect any type of spoofing attempts. Using this technology, firms can easily prevent spoofing attacks using live identities and verified documents. This method is also key in ensuring global compliance such as KYC using digital means. 

Age Verification

This a is a crucial aspect of face verification as minors have easy access to the internet nowadays. It prevents them from accessing adult content over the internet. However, traditional age verification checks are not successful in keeping children away as they can easily outsmart them. Face ID checks can also transform this process using AI and precise verification. Service providers that restrict children can implement this solution to quickly detect children using their facial features and compare them to age verification algorithms.  


Face ID check also proves to be handy in two-step verification or authorisation procedures. It is a quick method that allows firms to double-check the legitimacy of a client or an internal organisational executive with a single camera snap. This strengthens security protocols. With the advent of technology, this process is becoming much more reliable and faster. The system can now detect the person even if the camera is not placed at a suitable angle or is far away from the subject. This technique also restricts spoofing attempts and deep-fake computer imagery.

Fraud Detection

Healthcare platforms are highly dependent on facial recognition technology. As global healthcare measures after COVID-19 have changed, every medical centre now equips face ID check solutions instead of other traditional biometric devices. This solution also plays a significant role in telemedicine and the verification of patients globally. Healthcare fraud is also an alarming issue where businesses and individuals alike deceive the digital system to receive unlawful benefits or even direct payments. Medicare platforms are now incorporating Face ID check solutions to ensure that the right person gets the treatment and all healthcare benefits by just verifying their face through their smartphone. 

How Face ID Check Works

How Face ID Check Works

  1. Image Capture
  2. Feature Extraction
  3. Database Comparison
  4. 3D Matching
  5. Access or Denial

How Does Face ID Check Work in the Era of Automation?

As a wide range of industries consume face ID check solutions, they need to be functional and well up to the mark to ensure protection. In the modern era, things are getting highly influenced by AI, algorithms, and sub-branches. Here are the two common terminologies behind every Face ID check solution: 

Neural Networks

A neural network is an AI classification technique that redefines the working of modern-day verification systems. In terms of Face ID checks, neural networks work behind the scenes to classify facial data to the known data for processing. It interprets the visual screens and is composed of AI neurons also referred to as “nodes.” Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) play a significant role in detecting anomalies between the facial data and ensuring perfect pattern matching. Thus, modern face ID check systems incorporate ANNs to maximise efficiency.

Data Matching

Data matching algorithms are part of AI systems that seamlessly compare data. This operation significantly helps in face matching of the client and it is an integral part of face ID check solutions. With AI data matching algorithms, information processing occurs at a much faster rate compared to traditional systems. In the context of face matching, this algorithm ensures that the process is carried out in real-time and works seamlessly.

Where Facia Steps In

The facial recognition market is booming and technology is the main driver behind this rise. Amid this transformation, protecting identities and data privacy is important for every individual. Face ID check models are becoming accurate in verifying clients on the go. However, not every software comes with complete data and privacy protection with the highest accuracy rate. This is where Facia fits in the puzzle, providing firms with an all-in-one solution, protecting customer privacy while verifying their identity using the fastest AI model that takes less than a second to complete the process.

On top of that, we catch spoof attempts and have a built-in module for detecting real faces. Contact us now to learn how we drive security while protecting privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

how does face id work?

Face ID uses your phone's secure camera system to scan your face. If it recognizes you based on stored data, your phone unlocks. It's a convenient and fast way to keep your phone secure.

is face id safe?

Face ID security is a top priority for phone manufacturers. It uses advanced technology to analyze your facial features securely. However, no security system is foolproof, so it's important to be aware of its limitations.

what is a face id check?

A Face ID check uses a special camera to confirm your identity by comparing your face to a stored image. Businesses use it for added security when verifying customers, employees, or partners.

what's the face id check process?

The Face ID check process is used by businesses to verify the identity of people they interact with. It's a secure way to confirm someone's identity without needing a password or ID card.

why is face id secure?

Face ID goes beyond a simple picture. It uses advanced technology to create a secure representation of your face based on 3D scans. This makes it more difficult to spoof than a fingerprint or password.