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Facia wins the Cybersecurity Disruptor Award at GITEX Africa Morocco 2024, the world’s most impactful tech expo held this year.

Facia wins the Cybersecurity Disruptor Award at GITEX Africa Morocco 2024, the world’s most impactful tech expo held this year.

Author: admin | 31 May 2024

Dated: 31st May, 2024

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Revolting against deepfakes, mask attacks, and other identity fraud attempts, Facia has won another battle with its groundbreaking AI-powered Liveness Detection and secured its place in the cybersecurity category at GITEX Africa Morocco 2024 competition.

A major concern in cybersecurity is enhancing the means of digital identity verification. Facia, upon addressing this concern, proved that its AI-powered facial recognition solution is the fastest protective measure against the rising threats of identity theft.

No More Cramming of Passwords!

Passwords are now proven to be ‘gappy’ as they can easily be copied, cracked, or hacked. Even after a proposed solution of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)  that prompts users to use their smartphones or primary login devices as an added layer of security; it still has critical problems such as:

  • Unavailability of the primary device for 2FA at the location to the actual owner of the digital identity.
  • The primary device is stolen or lost, its screen lock is cracked and the fraudster gains access to the 2FA.
  • Using phishing attacks to extract credentials from users.
  • SIM Swapping that can easily bypass SIM-based 2FA.

The weakness of password-based authentication has played a critical part in escalating the challenge faced by the African economy losing nearly $4 billion to cybersecurity challenges affecting 10% of its GDP.

Facia won the GITEX Africa Morocco 2024 competition and became a ‘cybersecurity disruptor’ out of 70+ participants. The ‘under 1-second facial liveness detection’ and 0% false acceptance rate proved to be a guardian against the latest threats like:

  • Deepfake injection attacks especially the AI face swaps
  • Face Mask attacks especially 3D mask attacks
  • Facial Morphing and replay attacks in video calls

Facia believes that you can ‘Prove it’s You with You’ where all you need is to face the camera and you will be onboarded within a matter of seconds thus preventing the hassle of performing actions, waiting longer, or worrying about losing your digital identity. 

FACIA is Proud to announce its achievement of winning the GITEX Africa Morocco 2024 in the cybersecurity category as a ‘cybersecurity disruptor’.

Facia’s CEO Mujadad Naeem’s Remarks

Mujadad Naeem, the CEO of Facia and the lifeline to the cutting-edge facial liveness solution proudly said,

“Not only did Facia successfully secure the title of ‘cybersecurity disruptors’ in the world’s most awaited yearly tech summit GITEX Africa but also proved its worth as a protector of everyone’s very existence from threats like deepfakes which have become a nuisance for all.”

He further added,

Facia is not just a tool for identity verification, it’s your business partner by ensuring real-time results in customer satisfaction through improved user journey by reducing the onboarding time, maintaining false accepts at 0% and < 1% false rejects.” 

About us

Facia is the world’s fastest liveness detection & AI facial recognition solution empowering businesses and users to protect their digital identities through facial biometrics. It offers an efficient solution suite to ensure secure identification and authentication just by facing the camera within a second.

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