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Face Check ID

Face Check ID – The Next Generation of Facial Biometric Verification

Author: Carter | 05 Jan 2024

Facial recognition solutions are becoming a universal biometric verification tool due to their ease of use and accuracy, especially with the widespread adoption of AI. With the increasing market size and utilization of this technology, it is obvious that face check ID is the next generation of human identity. According to Statista, the face verification system has a significant market potential and is expected to cross $10 billion by the end of 2030. On the practical side, face recognition has several use cases that verify human identities. It can help create a digital proof of ID that can replace traditional verification documents. This article will highlight the importance of face check ID across organizations, how they can benefit from it, and whether it can actually replace traditional ID cards in the future.

Key Highlights

  • A brief introduction to the face check ID process through various devices.
  • How organisations utilise face check ID for different processes.
  • Navigating the operation of how businesses perform face ID checks across their networks.

What is a Face Check ID?

Face Check is the process of identifying human faces with the help of a camera or a facial detection sensor. In the current modern era, cameras are capable enough to easily distinguish between human faces and other objects. Coming back to face check ID, is the process by which businesses evaluate the facial biometric traits of individuals to verify their identity. It is a core operation across organizations and has become necessary, replacing fingerprint and other traditional biometric scanning options. Remote onboardings, internal business operations security, and new client verifications are all linked with face-check solutions. 

Why is Face Check ID Crucial for Organisations?

As per global rules and regulations, every business needs to implement biometric solutions to increase operational transparency whilst maintaining security. Also, in today’s contactless era, especially after the pandemic, businesses are advised to use touchless means of verification systems. Face check method proves a great choice, keeping the new guidelines intact. Other than just biometric verification, here are some other tasks businesses perform with this reliable solution. 

Face Check ID

Client Verification

Customers are an integral part of any business. But not every client is there for rightful means. As of January 2023, approximately 50% of companies and businesses in France encountered at least one attempt of money transfer fraud. This indicates that fraudsters are also operating with the front face as clients whilst having the intention of defrauding businesses. This is where face check ID steps into the scene. With the help of this revolutionary technology, businesses can verify their clients in real time to filter out the real and fake ones. As the biometric facial data is verified from global databases using modern technology, fraudsters find it hard to manipulate these systems.

Business Onboarding

Business onboarding is another use case of face check ID solutions accuracy. As every business worldwide needs to comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Business (KYB) compliance for foolproof security, biometric verification is a must! With face check ID, firms can leverage the power of AI to seamlessly onboard new businesses whilst verifying the integrity and personal data of each business entity involved in the network. This helps them check the legitimacy of new partners with onboarding. 

Stakeholder Verification

Speaking of business onboarding through face check ID, stakeholder verification is another important aspect throughout this whole process. During stakeholder verification, facial biometrics are key as they ensure the reliability of the data provided during the onboarding phase. With a face ID check solution, businesses can easily verify new stakeholders through their biometric data. 

Internal Security

In a scenario where a facial recognition system is introduced, there’s a specific procedure known as digital onboarding with facial recognition. During this process, a person’s face is scanned and linked to an identity for record-keeping in the system. Additionally, there’s a variant where the user undergoes authentication before officially registering. Here, the incoming camera data is compared with the existing information in the database. If a match is found with a pre-registered identity, the user can access the system using their credentials.

How Businesses Perform Face Check?

The face check ID process is a straightforward operation in which the system scans the face of the person from a camera. The process of detecting and verifying facial biometric characteristics is carried out using facial recognition software.

Utilization of Facial Recognition Software

Businesses need a facial recognition system that converts facial features into a unique set of numbers or points called a faceprint, much like a fingerprint for each person. This software is crucial as it digitally reconstructs a person’s face. Businesses must use trusted solutions as any misleading or fraudulent can lead to major losses. Once this complex data collection is complete, the system moves on to the “Feature Matching and Classification” stage. Here, the inputs from feature extraction are compared with a database to identify the person. This phase is aptly named the classification phase because the algorithm categorizes faces instead of recognizing them individually.

Face Check ID as 2FA Authentication Method

In many cases, organizations use a check face ID mechanism as a means of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure complete security. For instance, on every login to the organizational system, the software triggers a 2FA request using facial biometrics. The person trying to sign into the system gets a prompt for a camera access request. Upon granting permission, the face check ID process is carried out through a dedicated device, a smartphone camera, or a webcam, to verify their integrity. 

Where Facia Comes Into Play

While face check ID has diverse use cases, businesses still find it challenging to employ the right solution within their channels. This is where Facia steps in with a highly sophisticated AI face recognition solution. From small-scale businesses to large-scale enterprises, Facia has got every area covered. Companies can rely on our face detection algorithm built with a highly accurate and efficient approach. Contact our experts today to get a complete walkthrough of our offerings and find the perfect solution for your specific business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FaceCheck ID?

Face Check ID is the process of verifying faces via a simple scanning through a camera lens to check the ID data of the person.

Is Facecheck ID safe to use?

Yes, Face check ID is a secure process that uses the smartphone camera to check the identity data of the person.

What is the technology of Face ID?

Face ID processes use facial recognition technology to identify multiple face patterns using 3D face detection sensors. This significantly helps in identity verification.