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A Complete Guide on Industry Liveness Detection

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Why KYC Providers

Why KYC Providers Cannot Ignore Facial Recognition Technology

Author: admin | 16 Jun 2023

Why KYC Providers Cannot Ignore Facial Recognition Technology

In the realm of Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, facial recognition technology has emerged as a powerful tool for identity verification. With its ability to accurately authenticate individuals and detect fraud, facial recognition has become an indispensable asset for KYC providers. This whitepaper aims to shed light on the reasons why KYC providers cannot afford to overlook facial recognition technology and how it can revolutionize the KYC process. There are several benefits of implementing face recognition technology including…

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      What To Expect From The Whitepaper?

      This whitepaper will be an essential read for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve and improve the accuracy and security of their facial recognition systems in 2022 and beyond.

      Our Whitepaper Present:
      • Overview of facial recognition technology
      • Importance of liveness detection for security
      • Types of liveness detection technology
      • Use cases in banking, healthcare, and e-commerce
      • Pros and cons of implementing liveness detection
      • Regulatory and legal implications
      • Recommendations for businesses.

      Effective Fraud Detection Strategies For Businesses

      Our analysis has revealed that users can be the most robust defense against fraud. We recommend implementing these tips immediately to minimize the risk of being compromised.


      Prevent Deepfakes & Spoof Attacks

      Combat fraud and protect businesses with advanced spoof detection and verification checks.


      Secure Data Storage

      Secure your users biometric data on your servers by integrating our advanced AI solutions.


      Quick and Accurate Verification

      Save your users’ time by verifying live presence in less than 2 seconds.

      How can Facia help your business?


      Attract More Clients

      Use our Smart Capture SDK, which includes automated identification verification enabled by AI, to make a stellar first impression.


      Navigate Compliance

      Comply with Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, and Age Verification regulations on a global and local scale.


      Prevent Advanced Fraud

      Stop identity fraud with data sources, passive fraud detection signals, and award-winning biometric verifications.


      Reduce Cost & Complexity

      Streamline the onboarding process to cut down on customer acquisition expenses. Make verification simple.