Smart Residential Surveillance

Smart Security Surveillance & Intrusion Detection

Facia empowers you to go beyond reactive security. Our system proactively identifies potential threats, analyses suspicious behavior, and sends real-time alerts, enabling you to intervene and safeguard your property.

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AI-Powered Facial Recognition Security System

Your home's security just got smarter with Facia. Experience cutting-edge protection with a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • High-Accuracy Face Matching (99%+)
  • Activity Patterns for Family Members
  • Real-time alerts to deter intruders
  • Seamless remote control functionality

Why Smart Surveillance Systems are the Future of Security

Facia's AI-powered surveillance prioritises proactive prevention.

  • Analysing activity patterns
  • Identifying unusual activity
  • Real time reporting
  • Prevent unauthorised access

The security landscape is constantly evolving, and property owners face a wide range of threats. Facia provides a robust layer of defence against contemporary security risks, including package theft, break-ins, vandalism, and unauthorized access.

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How Smart Surveillance

Our integrated platform seamlessly combines access control with video surveillance, supported by AI to offer smart search capabilities, reducing operational costs and simplifying management.

Seamless Integration & Learning:  

The system seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure and begins a learning phase to establish your typical activity patterns.

Intelligent Threat Analysis:   

Advanced AI continuously monitors for deviations & unusual activity, leveraging machine learning algorithms to identify potential threats with high precision.

Real-Time Alerts:

You receive immediate notifications for confirmed threats, along with actionable insights to help you take swift and informed action.

Home & Business Security Alarm Systems & Surveillance

Manage access with face recognition terminals and remote grant/deny capabilities, 24/7 perimeter protection with smart cameras, automatic triggers, and real-time intrusion alerts.

In-depth Monitoring: Centralized surveillance with smart search capabilities for streamlined management.

AI-Powered Surveillance: Advanced detection features including face search, face recognition, perimeter intrusion alerts, and more.

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Unparalleled Security with Intelligent Awareness

Our integrated platform seamlessly combines access control with video surveillance, supported by AI to offer smart search capabilities, reducing operational costs and simplifying management.

  • Real-time alerts for rapid response
  • Reduced false alarms, saving you time and worry
  • Remote monitoring capabilities for total control
  • Enhanced crime deterrence for proactive protection
  • Evidence collection in the event of an incident

Why Choose Facia?


Unmatched accuracy for reliable threat identification, minimizing false alerts.


User-friendly platform – get up and running quickly with minimal training.


Customizable systems tailored to your specific home or business security needs.


Monitor your property and take action from anywhere, anytime.


Advanced AI that analyzes behavior patterns to spot loitering, attempted break-ins, and other suspicious activity – triggering instant alerts for a swift response

Enjoy peace of mind wherever you are with Facia's remote monitoring capabilities. Access live camera feeds, receive instant alerts, and even control your security system – all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart surveillance system?

A smart surveillance system goes beyond traditional cameras and motion sensors. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze footage, recognize faces, detect unusual behavior patterns, and send real-time alerts. This allows for proactive threat detection and a higher level of security.

What is a security and surveillance system?

A security and surveillance system is a network of devices (cameras, sensors, and often recording devices ) designed to protect a location by monitoring your property. It aims to detect intruders, deter crime, and gather evidence if a security incident occurs.

Why is residential security important?

Residential security protects your home, family, and belongings. It deters crimes like break-ins and package theft, provides evidence in case of incidents, and ultimately gives you peace of mind knowing your property is being monitored.

How does Facia ensure privacy and data security?

Facia puts privacy first. We don't store any information that can identify you directly (PII). All footage is converted into unrecognizable facial templates. These templates are secured with unique identifiers, making it impossible to link them back to the original video. Only people you authorize at your location can access these templates, not Facia itself. and we never store your data on our servers as well, just your on-premise servers only.

How Unusual Activity Detection will help you?

Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) is a key feature of smart surveillance systems. AI establishes a baseline of normal activity on your property. Any deviations, like suspicious loitering or unfamiliar faces, trigger alerts. This helps you intervene early and potentially prevent crimes before they happen