News 24 Jun 2024

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Surge in Identity Fraud $ Cybercrime Expected During Paris Olympics 2024

A Surge in Identity Fraud & Cybercrime Expected During Paris Olympics 2024

Author: teresa_myers | 24 Jun 2024

Every single Olympic event attracts billions of viewers from across the world. This year, it is expected that Paris shall see over 16 million visitors as a result of the upcoming 2024 Olympics, out of which 1.5 million are expected to be foreign visitors according to the organizing committee.

With such a large influx of people, crime, especially cybercrime like identity fraud during this period is expected to surge massively. A large number of visitors means a vast volume of data and financial transactions, which creates the perfect playground for scammers and hackers. The director general of French intelligence agency ANSSI Vincent Strubel himself stated that the Olympics “are facing an unprecedented level of threat…”

Upsurge in Activity means Upsurge in Crime

Phishing scams are the main outlet expected for identity theft. Tricking people into sharing sensitive information through emails and fake websites in exchange for cheap or last-minute tickets to the games, or exclusive access will most likely become the norm during this period.

Fake tickets themselves being sold on suspicious and unofficial websites and sources will also likely be seen. By buying from these platforms, not only do the victims lose their money, but they also lose any established hope of visiting the games.

Similarly, fake rental listings and bookings for hotels and apartments online for Olympic visitors, with deals that sound too good to be true, are also likely to be found.

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Protecting Yourself with Identity Verification

The essential and central defense mechanism for preventing these forms of scams for modern businesses and individuals would be biometric verification-based facial recognition and ID verification. These tools help to minimize the risk of your information and finances being stolen better than conventional mechanisms like passwords and PIN codes.

Visitors should only engage in any form of financial transaction and activity with websites and platforms that have implemented advanced biometric identity verification procedures. Tools like face checking and identification document scanning are the best tools for effective fraud prevention available.

Facia’s Solution

Facia helps businesses greatly in this identity-proofing process. Facia provides advanced and effective facial recognition solutions that are extremely secure while maintaining lightning-fast detection and recognition speed. And what’s more, all of this is done in a matter of seconds. Businesses can enhance their security protocols and identity fraud protection by using Facia’s advanced solutions.