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Document Liveness Detection

Secure Your Identity Verification Process with Document Liveness Detection

Defend against fake and forged documents with Facia’s document liveness detection solution, trusted by leading financial institutions and government agencies

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AI-Powered Document Liveness Verification Solution

Defends against Document Presentation Attacks and Screen Replay Attacks with highest accuracy

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Document Liveness Detection: A Must-Have for Remote Customer Onboarding

Remote customer onboarding is helping businesses onboard customers with a frictionless, identity management process. To enhance security, it is imperative to have a safe, secure customer onboarding process. Document Liveness is the perfect way to ensure that an individual submits an authentic, live document and not a forged copy.

A Must-Have for Remote Customer Onboarding

Why Choose Facia’s Document Liveness

Facia’s document liveness detection solution uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to verify the authenticity of identity documents in real time. It can detect a wide range of fraud attacks, including:

  • Printed photo attacks
  • Combat document forgery
  • Deepfake and synthetic identity attacks
  • Screen replay attacks
  • 180+ types of documents

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Transforms Digital Onboarding and KYC with Liveness Detection

Facia's liveness detection prevents document presentation attacks, streamlining the onboarding and KYC processes, and strengthening customer due diligence against document fraud. Incorporate our solution seamlessly into your systems for a smooth onboarding and KYC journey.

ID Document Liveness Detection Use Cases

Online Banking Registration

Online Banking Registration

The FTC reported 1.4 million identity theft-related fraud cases in 2022, necessitating document liveness detection in online banking to mitigate fraud and protect financial institutions.

Remote Employee Onboarding and Secure Spaces

Remote Employee Onboarding

With the proliferation of remote work, employment-related fraud has surged. Document liveness detection ensures the authenticity of documents submitted by prospective employees, maintaining integrity in the hiring process.

Mobile Wallet Verification

Mobile & Wallet Verification

The FTC received 1.4 million fraud reports in 2022, many related to credit card fraud. Document liveness detection authenticates identity documents for mobile financial applications, safeguarding users and financial institutions.

Car Rental Services

Car Rental Services

Identity theft and fraudulent transactions pose a substantial risk to the car rental industry. Document liveness detection is vital for verifying the identity of renters, thereby reducing fraud and protecting assets.

Online Gaming and Gambling Platforms

Online Gaming and Gambling Platforms

Document liveness detection ensures user authenticity, aiding compliance with age restrictions and reducing fraud.

Immigration and Visa Processing

Immigration and Visa Processing

In immigration services, document liveness detection plays a critical role in authenticating identification documents and paperwork, facilitating a more secure and efficient visa application and approval process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is document liveness detection?

Document liveness detection refers to the technology used to ensure that the identification document presented during a verification process is genuine and physically present rather than a digital or printed forgery. Advanced algorithms and AI technologies, such as Facia, analyze the document for signs of tampering or replication, ensuring its authenticity.

How does document liveness detection works?

Document liveness detection uses AI to analyze identity documents in real-time, checking for signs of forgery or tampering. It verifies that the document presented is genuine and not a digital or printed fake by looking for anomalies and inconsistencies typical of fraudulent documents.

How to Minimize the Risk of Document Forgery?

Minimizing the risk of document forgery involves employing advanced verification technologies, such as liveness detection and secure authentication processes, to ensure that documents presented are genuine. Adopting technologies like Facia can also strengthen the verification process by detecting forgeries with enhanced accuracy.

What is Identity document forgery?

Identity document forgery refers to the creation or alteration of identification documents like passports, driver’s licenses, or social security cards with the aim of establishing a false identity or concealing one’s true identity.

Which forgery documents are most common?

The most commonly forged documents include passports, driver's licenses, and birth certificates. These identification documents are usually forged for activities such as identity theft, illegal immigration, and other fraudulent activities.

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