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Facia to unveil solution for effective AI-images and deepfake detection on online platforms and social media.

Facia to Unveil Solution to Counter AI-Generated Images Rampant Online

Author: teresa_myers | 28 Jun 2024

In the last few years, the amount of media found online generated using artificial intelligence tools and deepfake technology has multiplied astronomically. Almost every field, industry, and domain of everyday life has started to see the use of artificial intelligence in one form or another, especially social media.

Fake Media in Abundance

As the technological tools that allow the creation of AI-generated content become increasingly available to the general public, we are seeing a significantly large amount of fake images and videos on social media platforms.

The Met Gala, one of the most important annual fashion and aesthetics-based events in Hollywood, this year saw the most popular and trending images out of all the hundreds that were taken, to be the two that were generated using artificial intelligence. Instagram themselves with their official account commented on the generated images of popular celebrity Katy Perry as if they were real photos, before they were eventually flagged as altered.

This is just one example of the massive amount of images and videos found online that are being used to spread mass misinformation, malign people’s public perception, and more.

Attempts at Countering by Meta

There have recently been efforts for fake image detection, particularly on the social media platforms owned by Meta, to counter this massive spread of generated and manipulated content using deepfake detection. Meta has started to apply a ‘Made by AI’ label on photos that its algorithms determine to have utilized artificial intelligence to generate.

The attempted AI image detection has started to backfire though. In recent months, many people, especially creators online, have been complaining that the ‘Made by AI’ tag is being wrongly applied to photos that are completely authentic.

This is causing major concern, as people online are saying that instead of solving the AI vs. real image dilemma, the AI face detection by Meta is exacerbating it. From digital art to professional photos that have been touched up, a large amount of creative content is being labeled by the algorithms incorrectly.

Facia’s Upcoming Solution

In this odd and confusing social media landscape filled with rampant fake and generated content that is difficult to detect, and the tools that do exist for image fraud detection are highly unreliable in their level of accuracy, Facia is planning to soon bring the ultimate solution.

The development team at Facia is working on a solution that deals with this very issue, so stay tuned for a very important announcement coming on the 11th of July (expect to see the highest accuracy rate in the market).

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