On-Premises Detection

On-Premise Face Verification Services

Strengthening Premise Security and Making Identification Easy

Maximum benefit. Minimum resources. Optimize your in-house security controls and technology while fighting fraud in real time.

Facia.ai’s Product Highlights

Certified Liveness Detection Checks

Determine live presence while eliminating the risk of spoof attacks using sophisticated liveness checks.

Face Detection

Detects customer facial imprints from videos and photos.

Facial Recognition

Identify your customers using pre-existed databases.

Spoof Detection

Ensure industry-grade security while detecting spoof attacks.

Face Tracking

Monitor and track customer facial movements for selfie logins.

Meet Compliance

Comply with global KYC, AML, and GDPR regulations while ensuring privacy in real time.

One-Time Installation with Guaranteed Outcomes

Integrate NIST & iBeta Level-1 compliant face verification solution into your system & get full control over verification services. Our tech experts will assist you on each step after deployment.

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