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From July 1st, 2024, Vietnam Mandates Biometric ID for All First-Time Mobile Banking Transactions

Author: admin | 23 May 2024

Article 2 of Decision 2345/QĐ-NHNN in 2023 issued a decree for all financial institutions, whether local or foreign, to implement risk mitigation solutions, including the use of biometrics for first-time transactions via Mobile Banking.

After the Vietnamese Bank SBV (State Bank of Vietnam) took a step in regulating the financial sector and monetary transactions through biometric authentication, banks, and financial institutions will need an identity verification solution to help them streamline their operations according to the new update.


Key Points of this update

For Individual Customers

For Individual Customers of financial institutions, including banks, credit institutions, and payment intermediaries, the first transaction made by customers from a Mobile application, either from the device used to make that first transaction or another device used to conduct a new transaction, will be authenticated through biometrics as follows:

  • Identification and authentication of a customer through biometric data matching are stored on a chip embedded in the ID card issued by the Public Security Agency.
  • Authenticating a customer through an eID (electronic Identity) created by an automated identity verification system.
  • Identification and Authentication of a customer through biometric data stored in a biometric database combined with an OTP (One-Time-Password) sent via SMS, Voice or Soft OTP, or Token OTP.

Notification of First-login via Mobile Banking

The customer and the relevant bank are notified if the Mobile Device used for the first transaction is changed or another login from the same customer account is made on a different device, prompting the customer to prove his/her identity through biometrics.

From 1st July 2024, every first-time transaction through any mobile banking application will require biometric authentication where the biometric features can include:

  • Facial Features | Facial Recognition with liveness detection can be used through selfie cameras.
  • Fingerprints | Fingerprint scanning will be used for ID matching.
  • Retinal Images | Iris or Retina scan will be incorporated to enhance the biometric identification.
  • Voice recognition may require customers to speak a certain pre-recorded message for identity proofing.

What’s the General Understanding of Biometric Data in Vietnam?

Pertinent to the Article 7 of the Decree 59/2022/NĐ-CP, the eID of Vietnamese customers contains:


Personal InformationBiometric Data
  • Personal identity number
  • First, middle, and last name
  • Date of birth (DD, MM, YYYY)
  • Gender
  • Personal portrait (facial image)
  • Fingerprint


According to Article 8 of the Decree mentioned above, a Foreigner’s ID should contain:


Personal InformationBiometric Data
  • ID Number
  • Last, Middle, First Name
  • Date of birth (DD, MM, YYYY)
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Personal portrait (facial image)
  • Fingerprint

At present, only portrait (facial image) and fingerprints are the biometric information used for identity verification for Vietnamese citizens.

The biometric data collected according to the Law of Vietnam is considered sensitive personal data as it contains the following information:

  • Ethnicity and racial group
  • Religious and political affiliation
  • Health information
  • Biometric data
  • Criminal record
  • Location data

Criminals can manipulate and misuse this data at any point if it is not protected. 

Additionally, the use of biometric authentication for every first-time transaction may increase the vulnerability of biometric data. To protect biometric data from being spoofed, third-party identity verification solutions can help mitigate this problem for banks and FIs.

Facial Liveness Detection Can Speed up Biometric Authentication In Mobile Banking

Facial liveness detection through AI facial recognition will address the upcoming concerns regarding biometric verification of customers for Mobile banking. Identity Solutions like Facia are ISO certified and proven in different settings to have provided facial liveness verification within 1 second, while the accuracy measures are also world-class, offering a 0% False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and <1% False Rejection Rate (FRR). Facia is uniquely programmed on cutting-edge AI algorithms for facial recognition that verify facial identities through selfie cameras and provide a seamless user experience with an ideal balance of speed and accuracy in identity verification.

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