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Facia IS Ibeta Complalint

Facia Achieves iBeta’s Compliance for Facial Recognition Systems

Author: admin | 31 May 2023
  • Facia achieves iBeta’s ISO 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection Compliance
  • Facia scored a 100% attack detection rate (APCER was 0%)
  • Facia’s face liveness technology can be used to strengthen age checks, prevent account takeover, face matching, and protect against identity fraud

In facial recognition systems, staying ahead of the competition and ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability is paramount. As the industry standard compliance body and issuing authority, iBeta plays a crucial role in validating the performance and security of facial recognition systems.

In this article, we will explore why iBeta is worth considering for those who aspire to provide facial recognition systems that meet the standards set by organizations like NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Unparalleled Expertise and Accreditation:

iBeta’s expertise in evaluating and compiling facial recognition systems is unmatched. With years of expertise and a team of highly qualified professionals, iBeta has earned its reputation as a trusted authority in the industry. Accredited by international bodies, iBeta adheres to stringent quality standards, ensuring the credibility and integrity of its compliance process.

Rigorous Testing and Evaluation:

iBeta employs rigorous testing methodologies to evaluate facial recognition systems’ performance, accuracy, and reliability. Their comprehensive assessment covers various aspects, including face detection, face matching, and anti-spoofing techniques. By subjecting systems to real-world scenarios, iBeta ensures that compiled solutions can deliver reliable results even in challenging environments.

ISO 30107-3 Compliance: The Gold Standard

One of the key factors that sets iBeta apart is its adherence to ISO 30107-3 standards. This specific standard focuses on Presentation Attack Detection (PAD), which aims to identify and prevent spoofing attempts in facial recognition systems. iBeta’s compliance with this standard guarantees that compiled solutions have undergone robust testing against potential presentation attacks, bolstering their security and reliability.

Partnership with NIST:

iBeta’s collaboration with NIST further highlights its importance to the industry. NIST is renowned for its extensive research and evaluation of biometric technologies, including facial recognition systems. By aligning its compliance processes with NIST guidelines, iBeta ensures that its compiled systems meet or exceed the benchmarks set by the leading authority in the field.

Trusted Compliance Seal:

iBeta’s compliance provides a significant advantage for businesses and organizations in the facial recognition industry. The iBeta compliance seal is an important endorsement, instilling trust and confidence in potential customers. It validates the system’s performance and demonstrates a commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards.

Level 1 ISO 30107-3

Fortifying Trust and Security: FACIA Achieves iBeta’s ISO 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection Compliance

Level 1 PAD Testing:

During Level 1 PAD testing, numerous presentation attacks were conducted using subjects’ authentic biometric samples to create artifacts. These attacks include high quality photos and videos of their liveness. 

With 150 PAs for each of 6 species on two devices, the total number of attacks was 1800, and the Attack Presentation Classification Error Rate (APCER) was 0%.

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ISO 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection Test Methodology And Confirmation Letter

Additionally, it is worth highlighting that Facia, our advanced facial recognition system, has successfully passed iBeta’s ISO/IEC 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection Test. This accomplishment further demonstrates Facia’s robustness against presentation attacks, ensuring the system can accurately differentiate between genuine faces and spoofing attempts. 

By achieving compliance with ISO standards, FACIA establishes itself as a reliable and secure solution, instilling confidence in clients and users alike. The endorsements from iBeta serve as a testament to FACIA’s dedication to maintaining the highest performance and security standards in facial recognition technology.

See Confirmation Letter :

Final Thoughts:

Partnering with a reputable and industry-standard body in a rapidly evolving field like facial recognition systems is crucial. iBeta’s expertise, rigorous testing, ISO 30107-3 compliance, and collaboration with NIST make it the go-to compliance body for those who aspire to provide facial recognition systems of the highest quality and reliability. 

By obtaining iBeta’s endorsements, businesses can gain a competitive edge and instill trust in their customers, paving the way for success in this dynamic industry.

Disclaimer: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Visit the official website of iBeta ( for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their compliance process and services.

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