Improve Digital Security with Face Recognition and 3D Liveness Detection System

Blog 31 Jan 2023

Digital face recognition security systems are the most common ways to secure privacy when it comes to authentication. In the midst of technological advancement, mobile phones have become the most prevalent tools available early on. We have adopted these amazing security features to stand firm with technology as it grows their protection should also be a priority to protect user’s privacy. 

With each passing day, machine learning has been adopted by many countries, and its diverse development in the technological era has introduced Artificial intelligence. AI has many subsets and one of them is Machine learning which widely uses facial recognition. There are multiple factors that enhance AI and one of them is the Facial Recognition and Liveness Detection System. 

What is Facial Recognition System?

Facial Recognition scans the user’s face to identify any individual using a digital image stored in the dataset. It builds the user’s identity to protect and improve the privacy of people and detects whether the user is real, authentic or fake. 

What is a Liveness Detection System?

Liveness detection is basically verifying the user by scanning their face with a real time selfie feature to identify whether the user is real or not. It recognizes the person by distinguishing a live person from a photograph, video, or any other means on an immediate basis to protect an individual’s security. 

How do Facial Recognition and Liveness Detection Works? 

Facial Recognition is used to scan and recognize the face saved in the dataset using Face Matching algorithms. It secretly detects the user with the backend data originally stored by a person. Many people are familiar with FaceID scanning but are not sure how much they can protect privacy. Naming a tool doesn’t mean that it can work in the same ways as we expect but rather work on different scenarios giving the user better choices.

Liveness detection manages more in confirming the user using many different features like tilt-head, smile, blinking, wink, etc these are different identities of a person like their movements, and shadows which are difficult to replicate. The feature landmarks or feature points capture many unique traits from a person’s face for example distance between eyes, scan iris, the color of the eyes, nose, and mouth, which converts them into mathematical representations known as face vectors. These features are then compared to the image stored in the dataset to find a perfect match. 

In summary, facial recognition recognizes the face and liveness detection ensures that the face being scanned is live, authentic, real, and not recorded or fake. 

Key Features of Facial Recognition And Liveness Detection Suite

Face recognition is an integral part of security system technology, Here are some key features of facial recognition and liveness detection:

1. Limit Data Sharing

Prevents your data securely and avoids spoof attacks or eliminates the risk of fraud prevention and spoof attacks. Technology progresses and requires more protection willing to secure more advancements in security patterns. Using liveness detections, users are able to log in safely using only their own identity, clarifying that no other than the user can access the same account. It limits your data and allows you to surf safely and openly from your end.

2. Face Verification

Recognize your face to verify identity using facial features used for security purposes such as locking or unlocking devices, accessing secure areas, and authenticating transactions. 

3. Biometric Scanning

Scans your face biometrically with unique traits that persist your facial expressions at the backend system detecting whether the user is the same or different. 

4. Security & Privacy

The ability to protect and secure the saved data using authentication methods such as facial images, expressions storage, and transmission.  

5. Integration with other systems

It has the ability to integrate with other systems such as data management, access control systems, or biometric authentication to protect users’ data and enhances the security of the system. 

6. Accuracy & Authentication 

The ability to deliver accurate and authentic results with low false positive and low false negative rates with an accuracy of information. 

7. Scalability 

The ability to scale the system to accommodate growing amounts of data and users as well as high-traffic situations. 

What are the Benefits of Liveness Detection and Face Recognition?

There are many benefits of Liveness Detection and Face Recognition:

1. Liveness Verification

Enhancing security factors with authentication to let users feel secure while saving their personal information. Liveness detection helps to prevent fraudulent activities and identity theft by securely scanning an individual’s face for verification purposes.

2. Fraud Prevention

Eliminate the risk of spook attacks or any other on-purpose activity that violates the security breach helping users to securely access their accounts. 

3. Convenience

Liveness detection allows for quick and easy authentication without the need for password memorizing or carrying any physical identification card. 

4. Quick and Efficient

Accessibly integrated functions to verify the account using facial liveness recognition that enables you to handle and save your data in a quick and efficient way. 

5. Personalization

Face recognition can be used to provide personal experiences and services such as quick advertisements and customized recommendations. 

6. Time Saving

It saved a lot of time while eliminating manual processes or filling any other irrelevant forms, it reduces time and effort. 

7. Access Control

A fully controlled system in your hands, securing your privacy settings and never allowing anyone to breach them until you scan your face. The customer had this clarification easily that his account is 100% secure and none other than him can sign in/out, whoever tries to breach it cannot have full access. 

How FACIA Provides Biometric Layer to improve security and the User Experience

Facia provides facial biometric scans emerged as the most reliable tool in biometric authentication. With our frictionless AI-powered face recognition solution, you can ensure the reliability of identity verification from anywhere across the globe.

We are bound to deliver solutions that help meet the international regulatory standards set by legal authorities. Different industries can effectively combat fraud with our face verification services and liveness detection checks.

Users are familiar with taking selfies in quick ways provides ubiquitous accessibility. Facia provides on-premises integration to securely onboard customers with internal network data protection stored in the dataset that accurately matched the user’s identity and recognizes the actual user in minimum time. 

Our facial biometric solutions are crafted for contactless sign-ups, with seamless automated workflow in a fully digital experience, that reduces costs by limiting turn-around times during sign-ins. It automatedly scans unique traits of customers’ faces to ensure legit and frictionless face scans. We aim to provide fool-proof security against any digital fraud with 3D liveness detection which is multifaceted fraud detection or spoof attack detection. 

How FACIA Works?

Liveness detection builds a secure layer to safeguard biometric authentic solutions by detecting the face and extracting the facial expression and characteristics from the scanned face using face vectors or matrices. Using biometrics layering scanned face turns into mathematical digits using Facia’s face-matching algorithms and face verification software. 

The layers then briefly scan and verify many different features while detecting the eyes, nose, and mouth at the backend during careful surfing. It is a process of a few seconds and works on an immediate basis, even the user only feels the face has been detected but never knows that its facial features have been picked by verification software that identifies the user lately for the purpose of face recognition. 

In conclusion, facia provides quick and accurate biometric face authentication using digital means in real time protecting users to surf safely by preventing deep fakes, lookalikes, face realistic masks, face swaps, and many fraudulent acts.