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Instant KYC Verification Using Secure Face Recognition Services

Secure, rapid, and scalable identity verification can help your company meet worldwide compliance needs and stand out from the crowd.

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An image representing KYC verification using facial recognition technology to ensure secure and reliable identity authentication for compliance and safety.

How Our Facial Recognition Technology
Enhances KYC

Revolutionize KYC process with Facia’s advanced liveness detection technology. Facia helps fight fraud, accelerate trust, and ensure compliance. Onboard real clients fast and securely with our ID verification solution.


Biometric authentication

Our facial recognition technology uses biometric data, such as facial features, to verify the identity of your customers quickly and accurately.


Liveness detection

Our liveness detection technology ensures that the person being identified is physically present and not using a photograph or other fake representation, helping to prevent fraud.


Fast and reliable verification

Our technology can verify the identity of your customers in seconds, making the onboarding process faster and more efficient.

Fight Fraud, Accelerate Trust and
Meet Compliance With Facia’s Identity Verification Checks

Onboard real clients with our intelligent face verification solution.

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How Our Facial Recognition System
Verifies Your Identity?

Our facial recognition with liveness detection technology works in the following steps Your customer presents their face to our camera. Our facial recognition technology captures biometric data, such as facial features, and verifies the identity of the customer. Our liveness detection technology ensures that the customer is physically present without using a photograph or other fake representation. If the customer's identity is verified and their liveness is confirmed, the KYC process is complete.

Facia’s Innovative Use
For KYC Industry

  • DeepFake Detection
  • Finding Missing Persons
  • Contactless Onboarding
  • Enhance Premise Security
  • Selfie Sign-ups/Sign-ins
  • Account Opening

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Face Recognition and how it relate to KYC verification?

Face Recognition uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and identify human faces. This technology can be used in the KYC process to verify the identity of a person through a live video stream or a photograph. It is an effective way to enhance KYC compliance and streamline the KYC checklist.

Why is KYC verification important?

Know Your Customer is a process that ensures that financial institutions and businesses are conducting transactions with legitimate customers and complying with legal regulations. KYC verification helps to mitigate risks such as fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing, protect customers and businesses from financial harm, and maintain a trustworthy reputation.

How does IKYC Verification work?

KYC Verification uses Face Recognition works by capturing a person's photo or live video stream and then comparing it to their government-issued ID documents. The software algorithms then analyze the facial features and match them against the ID documents to verify the person's identity. If the verification is successful, the KYC process is completed instantly, and compliance is achieved.

Who can benefit from KYC Verification using Face Recognition System?

KYC Verification can benefit any business or financial institution that conducts transactions with customers. This includes banks, fintech startups, payment processors, and online marketplaces. Additionally, individuals can benefit from the convenience and speed of Instant KYC Verification when applying for services such as credit cards, loans, or insurance.

Is face biometric recognition secure?

Yes, it is secure to use facial recognition. Biometric information is stored as distinct mathematical patterns and can be de-identified and stored securely. Liveness Detection Technology ensures that the system cannot be tricked or spoofed by a picture of a real person.

How does facial recognition improve KYC?

Facial recognition with liveness detection improves KYC by streamlining the onboarding process, reducing the risk of fraud, and enhancing security measures. It eliminates the need for manual ID verification, which can be slow and error-prone, and provides automated identity verification in seconds. It also prevents fraudsters from using fake IDs or stolen identities by verifying the person's physical presence.

How can I integrate facial recognition into my existing KYC process?

Our team of experts can help you integrate facial recognition with liveness detection into your existing KYC process. We provide a customized solution that meets your business needs and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

How does facial recognition improve the customer experience for KYC?

Facial recognition with liveness detection improves customer experience by providing a fast and seamless onboarding process. Customers can verify their identity in seconds without the need for manual ID verification or paperwork, leading to a more convenient and efficient experience. Additionally, the enhanced security measures provided by the technology can increase customer trust and satisfaction.

Be KYC Compliant for
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