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Verify customers easily with robust liveness verification. Stay compliant, prevent ID theft, and enhance security for a seamless, safe dating experience.

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Image represents online dating identity verification with facial recognition service for both male and female, ensuring safe and secure match-making with fraud prevention and data security measures.

How Facia Keep Minors Away

Facial recognition technology can play a crucial role in preventing minors from accessing dating and match-making apps, which is a growing concern in the industry.


Age Verification

Dating and match-making apps can use facial recognition technology to verify the age of users during the sign-up process. This technology can analyze the user’s face to estimate their age and compare it against the minimum age requirement for using the app.


Real-Time Verification

Once a user is verified, the facial recognition system can continue to monitor the user’s face in real-time to ensure that they remain the same person and that they are of legal age. This can prevent users from sharing accounts or using fake identities to access the app.


ID Verification

In some cases, the facial recognition system may not be able to determine a user’s age with enough accuracy. In such cases, the app can request the user to upload a government-issued ID for further verification.

Thwart Scammers, Accelerate Trust &
Enhance Security in Real-Time

Balance security and privacy to make ID verification foolproof while making your users feel more confident that their matches are authentic.

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Facia’s Customized Use Cases
For Dating Industry

  • Spoof Attacks Prevention
  • Eliminate Minor Exploitation
  • Secure Onboarding
  • Fight Account Hijacking
  • Selfie Sign-ups/Sign-ins
  • Enhance Security and privacy

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Online Dating Protection For
Secure Matching

Facia offers state-of-the-art facial biometric technology that helps to secure Match Making thwart scammers, accelerates trust, and enhances security in real-time. With our innovative technology, you can easily detect the customer’s live presence.


Database verification

Online dating websites store consumers’ data, and facia will verify their identity with a database quickly and robustly.


Photo verification

Users need to provide multiple photos of themselves, which are verified to ensure they are not fake or misleading.


Video verification

Users need to provide a short video of themselves, which is verified with Facia’s Solution to ensure they are who they claim to be.

Customizable Solutions

We offer different customizable solutions that meet the specific needs of other businesses. Our secure onboarding process ensures that only verified users can access your platform, and our selfie sign-ups/sign-ins make it easy for your users to verify their identity. Our solution also includes increased safety and security features that provide a sense of security and privacy to your customers by deploying liveness detection into Match Making platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is online dating identity verification important?

Online dating verification is important because it helps prevent identity theft and also ensures that the only people you are matching with are who they are. It also helps keep minors away by verifying age and ensures compliance with industry regulations.

How does Facia's identity verification service enhance security measures?

Facia’s uses facial biometric technology to detect the customer's live presence as well as age verification, and ensure that they are who they say they are. This helps prevent identity theft and ensures that minors are not using the service.

What is safe casual dating protection?

Safe casual dating protection is a feature of Facia's online dating identity verification service that helps prevent identity theft and enhances security measures for a seamless dating experience.

Can Facia's dating protection service help prevent identity theft?

Yes, facia’s dating protection service can help prevent identity theft by using facial biometric technology to detect the customer's live presence and ensure that they are who they say they are.

Is Facia's identity verification service compliant with industry regulations?

Yes, facia's identity verification service is compliant with industry regulations to ensure the safety and security of all users.

What are the benefits of using Facia's identity verification service for online dating?

The benefits of using Facia’s identity verification service for online dating include enhanced security measures, prevention of identity theft, compliance with industry regulations, and a seamless dating experience.

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