Facia’s Biometric Face Recognition Attendance System and its Benefits for Workplace

Blog 07 Feb 2023

Artificial intelligence has made life very easy with its advancements. In recent years, facial recognition technology has rapidly increased and become a part of everyday life. Face detection software is upgraded with many advanced features in the tech world one of them is a biometric technology that uses deep layering to understand facial features. 

Facia understands that the growing world demands more accurate and security protections when it comes to customer satisfaction. It restricts other users and enables only the owner to use their account efficiently while protecting their privacy in meantime. 

What is Face Recognition Attendance System? 

A face recognition attendance system can record employee attendance automatically when scanned through software for check-in/out. It is basically a noncontact approach to managing attendance systems in companies because, with the passage of time, no one has enough time to approach everyone for generic tasks. 

This attendance system is a very catchy technology and an efficient way to save time for both small and large business sectors. Without. It is a fact that a wide range of face recognition attendance systems saves more time in workplaces. 

How Face Recognition Attendance System Works?

When a person checks in/out while showing their identity in front of the camera just to capture their image, the backend data then detects the user’s data stored in the dataset using the biometric layer and asks the user to blink, wink, smile or express their feature just to identify whether the user is real or only proofing his identity. Then, the data at the backend verifies the user by scanning their identity that allowing the user to enter the premises. This attendance system then records the user’s entry or exit time.

10 Benefits of Using Face Recognition Attendance System


There are numerous benefits that can save your life from manual work, few of them are as follows:

1. Save Time

Saving time is a huge matter of fact when it comes to task management in a mean yet efficient way. Using the facial attendance system your only work is to scan your face in front of the camera and you are done with the attendance. 

In this advanced world, no one has time to work manually, everyone wants quick and efficient access to technology rather than open manual registers or books to watch your time and then add your name and check-in/out time when you are in hurry. 

2. Efficient & Capable

The technology world demands quick yet efficient ways to overcome manual tasks, time attendance management, reduce costly mistakes, and accurately assist task management that increases productivity. Facial attendance minimizes workloads and frees up the energy of critical roles. 

3. Enhances Security

Workplace environment security is a major issue and its security concerns are in high demand. Technological progress has made life easier and safer. Only registered employees who scan their faces and identities by the system can enter the workspace smoothly, others who are not registered and have not saved their data in management are not allowed to enter in premises of the company or work. 

4. Automate Time Tracks

Face time attendance machine tracks the real team attendance that records the data of the user while entering or exiting using a facial recognition attendance system. They are located and analyzed using a time tracking method that eliminates the risk of fake entries or mismanagement of times. This could also eliminate the risk of signing on others’ behalf impacting the better record and resultant good analytics. 

5. Safety Precautions

We have all safely overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown era, it was indeed a controversial time for all of us. Fortunately, this facial recognition technology helped a lot in using safety precautions resulting in distant yet untouched onboarding of employees in their work. 

Biometric finger scans are unaffordable till now, as a little distance can help a lot in saving others. No doubt hand sanitizers are a secure way to prevent diseases but it’s our utmost duty to relieve others from which one is suffering. Facial biometric attendance made it way easier, you just scan your face and you are in. 

6. Accessible to Use

Running late for work can be easily managed now with the help of a face time attendance machine. Show your face in front of the machine’s camera, it detects the user using biometric scan extracting features with working fastly on the backend to identify the user without wasting time and identify within seconds with verification. 

7. Effortless Integration

Facial attendance can smoothly work by linking directly with payroll management, attendance record, and work hours to calculate their pay. Since this system is highly flexible so it can be linked with any of the management to register the data automatically in meantime. This can not only limit to one office but can track all offices across the globe by using a GPS device, recording all the data automatically under one roof. 

8. Manage records

Manually manage records automatically and equips the results in a management team in one go. It doesn’t require manual scripts to learn the whole process but rather saves more time and energy. Holding records doesn’t mean just for days or weeks it can be a number of days/weeks/months even past years to retrieve details of employees. 

9.  Real-time Attendance Management (Remote workers)

Facial recognition attendance embarks on real-time attendance management only for physical appearance which does not mean that it cannot be accessible to remote workers. This technology covers overall global major concerns whether you are working from the office or somehow had to work from home. 

Remote workers are now available online using facial recognition technology that eliminates the risk of spook attacks or working on others’ behalf. An employee can use any interface using the app or system’s software to mark their attendance and works on required hours when completed. Upon completion, the user can exist from their time span using his own face detection that verifies him as the real user.  

10. Error-Free Authentication

Free of error authentication embarks the user to efficiently work and manage different tasks using his own identity that can not be compared or identical to others, especially in the workforce environment. It requires rapid working fact that it does not interact with the user in the meantime and finishes verification processes within seconds. 

As a result, it emits as fastly growing artificial intelligence tool that ensures accurate authentication with verification. 

Misconceptions About Face Recognition System

People consider their biggest threat is the security that cannot be managed by businesses properly. In the vagueness of current policies, the data recorded by businesses are not protected properly and can be used to threaten them as an alarming sign. People consider that facial detection means that all of their data is transferred to the company and they are no longer eligible to know whatever happens to it. 

Instead, this is a big understanding on the company’s behalf that they no longer consider to clarify the customer that their data is protected in many ways like spoof attacks, malicious activities, deep fake technologies, realistic masks, fake pictures, etc. These activities are way more than a threat to privacy and businesses are encompassing one step ahead in privacy protection measures to deliver the best. 

Why Facia’s Face Attendance System is the Best?

Facia helps to scale businesses while detecting facial biometric services to count and recognize employees in real time while scanning their identity from camera. The attendance tracker works efficiently with robust, innovative & essential features to show how we are recognized as leaders. 

When an image is placed in front of the camera, Facia automatedly scans attendance extracting the facial features that are already placed in a dataset of the employee’s category to ensure a seamless experience. The live presence of the customer can enhance the facial recognition attendance system and grant access to the exact match identity. It incorporates the detection of identifying the right user in real time to strengthen security measures and reduce touchpoints. 

Facial recognition with 3D liveness detection is the core component of Facia that increases safety & security and protects businesses against theft and fraudulent activities. Threats against privacy and other activities that damage the reputation of software and companies are the major concerns that you can overcome while working with facia. Our services are easily embedded with any server and can overcome security crises.